Ged ready for next gen furred chauffers with 4 legs!


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Getting a good, well behaved & honest chauffer is next to impossible this days & the problem will become more & more intense with incerasing awareness about educationed economic growth rate! But, don't panic there are solutions to every problem, like Artificial intelligence; but again it's is in it's early stage & very costly! Well looking for a cheap alternative, it may be in sitting next to you & staring at you! He is oldest friend & his ancestors were familier with ours, his reliablity is well known, he doesn't take any intoxicants & he loves you more than himself! He will never ask you for salary or leave; but he may bark at you if you doesn't provide him food, love & attention! & he prefers being naked!

Yes, you guessed it right, he is a DOG! Animal experts and especially dog lovers for that matter will disagree on the surmise that 'You cannot teach an old dog new tricks'. This was proved by the SPCA in New Zealand who managed to teach three mutts to drive a car in just 8 weeks. Practicing on wooden carts, these dogs graduated to a modified MINI, in which they sat on their haunches in the driver's seat with their paws on the steering wheel. Their feet go on extension levers which are attached to accelerator and brake, while their paws rest on the gearstick.

This feat was undertaken by an animal welfare group in New Zealand to display the intelligence level of dogs which can even be trained to get behind the wheel. The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will put these dogs to the test in a live demonstration which is scheduled to be broadcast live.

The training was undertaken by trainer Mark Vette who took a total of five weeks to train these dogs after which they moved on to driving an actual car. Training is still in progress and will end on December 10th,2012 after which Vette will be showcasing their prowess on national Television thereby proving that it is possible to teach a dog the age old trick of driving a car.

Next time don't hessitate to say to your friends who can't drive that they are worse than a dog!

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