2014 Fiat Punto is comming to india!

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The all new Fiat Grande Punto will make its debut in 2014 and hopefully come to India in the same year.

Grande Punto though being a good car has not able to turn Fiat’s fortune in India. The lack of after sales service and marketing by Fiat has costed the beautiful and well built car suffer in competition with half baked Japanese, American and Indian cars.

The next generation Grande Punto will have a much more dynamic design and come with latest technologies from Fiat. The more advance Multi-jet engine is also expected to come through the new Grande Punto. With a good design, more interior space and higher ground clearance, the next generation Grande Punto has something promising for the future in India, and of course Fiat has to work really hard on the marketing and after sales service. Fiat recently split from Tata to open their own chain of dealership franchise in the name of Fiat Cafe.

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Fantastic design very aggressive lines.

Btw the front look/styling kind of reminds me of the Mitsubishi Eclipse ;

Such a beautifull car! All Mitsubishi products looks great, drives great, built to great quality & has as much gadgetry as NASA's spacecraft, then why didn't they sell well?

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Other FIAT offerings on display at Sao Paulo Motor Show :

Fiat Uno Sporting


Fiat Palio Sporting


Fiat Bravo


Source : Motoring Research

Whenever I see global product layout of any automobile manufacturer, I always wonder why didn't they bring such amazing products to Indian Market? Do they still think that we can't afford them? All above mentioned cars are awsome & if they are launched they can really give tuff fight to likes of major players in compact & premium hatchback market!

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