Isuzu D-Max(PickUp) spotted in Pune

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Isn't Isuzu in collaboration with Swaraj-Mazda?? But that's for commercial vehicles....

Isuzu currently operates in India as partner in SML-Isuzu – joint venture with Swaraj-Mazda and also supplies engines to HM Ambassador. The company plans to set up a green field facility for an investment of Rs 1,000 crore and is currently hunting for apt location.

The car maker has plans to launch the MU7 SUV and D-Max Pick Up truck in India While we were expecting Isuzu to commence Indian operations some time in 2014, it seems like the car maker might introduce its first vehicle in India as soon as in early 2013.

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Thats a good catch Rapper. This is the first time Ive seen pics of this pick up. Looks like Isuzu has big plans. First the SUV and now this. Keep clicking. The Isuzu D Max will have competition from our very own Mahindras.

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