Looking for Sedan Diesel in 11Lakhs range

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I am looking for a medium size sedan, and the options that I've considered are

1) Vento VDI

2) Verna CRDI (1600)

3) Rapid

My 2ndary choices are

1) Sunny VDI

2) SX4 VDI.

3) Ford Classic

Now which one these sedans have best handling? The important things that I am looking are

1) Excellent Handling

2) Strong build quality (As i've heard that the allow used in Vento is amazing)

3) Most efficient in terms of fuel economy

4) Should be around 1500-1600 CC engine to provide good punch

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If you want excellent handling and tough build quality, then look no further than the Skoda Rapid. It has all the positive aspects of the VW Vento and has better dynamics and steering feedback. All reviews and ownership reports are generally positive. But be aware of poor A.S.S of Skoda, which has no signs of improvement. But, still Skoda cars are mostly niggle free, hence it wont bother you.



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Skoda Rapid is great in terms of build quality and provides a confident handling. But its after sales service is real poor. Also you can consider it as a 4 seater beacuse there is big hump inbetween. Also it doesnt have goodies like steering mounted controls and parking sensors. which a buyer should atleast expect.

About Hyundai Verna, the styling and looks are awesome. It looks aggressive. Strong after sales service. But the engine refinement is poor in comparison to both vento and rapid. Ride and handling is poor at high speeds.

VW Vento is elegant and is simply a thing of beauty. You will feel premium and great ride and handling. Engine is very torquey but sometime clatters. Cost of maintenance is way high. It is a bit shorter than the other cars.

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Handling is a priority right ? There goes the verna..right out of the window. Might be better than the previous gen verna but it still wallows like a boat at high speeds and is awful. The Rapid & Vento are at the other end of the spectrum. I have not personally driven the Rapid but the Vento tdi was quite a handler and is quick enough too.

Having said that i do believe people when they say that the rapid is packaged better than the Vento overall and at a better price since same is the case with comparable variants of the Jetta & Laura as well. Makes better sense to buy the Rapid and trust me as far as A.S.S is concerned, agreed skoda A.S.S was quite a mess but iv just purchased an L&K Laura and the A.S.S has been absolutely troublefree. I do genuinely feel they are trying to improve. Besides, who said VW A.S.S is any better ? If at all they are worse.

After sales aside, purely from the buying perspective you might want to choose between the Skoda and VW. Comes down to personal preference.

Good luck

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For good handling option the Vento and Rapid fit the bill but have a look at the Fiesta diesel too because it has excellent handling though the power delivery is not as responsive as the German duo . Also if you don't mind old models then the Optra TCDi is superb option and you can get the top end LT for 9 lakhs on road .

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