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How to negotiate when buying a new car

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Hello All,

I am planning to negotiate with the dealer to either buy a ritz or swift in a couple of days.

Since i m a first time buyer, I would like to know what are the points which should be negotiated with the dealer.

1. what accessories to look for? the dealer is not giving any accessories

2. how to negotiate more discounts

3. since I am buying a 2012 model car, can it be leveraged to get any freebies

4. any freebies?

5. anything else?


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Take care of these points while negotiating,

1. Ask for 6 speaker music system.

2. Car security module like AutoCOP etc

3. Leather seat covers from stanley or gsport

4. Free insurance

5. Car freshener

Actually it is very difficult to negotiate with maruti dealers. They dont have any reason to satisfy a prospective buyer. So they generally stick with the dealership guidelines. However they may offer you some 20k to 40k discounts if available.

happy buying !!!

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Negotiation with the sales guys is a hectic thing, they just stick with the company's so called guidelines. But things you can do is,

1. Visit multiple dealer showrooms of the same company and compare the best deal you get from any one

2. Try as much as you can while buying, wait for 3-4 days before paying any amount

3. Walk out of the showroom if the deal or the discounts are not met with your expectations( they would definitely call you as they have this so called customer form to be filled before giving a demo)

(Lawyers are the best negotiaters - :) )(NO Offence)

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