i10 Sedan to rival Amaze

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Mr. Ümit Karaarsalan, chairman of Hyundai Assan (joint venture between Hyundai and Turkey’s Kibar Holding), has confirmed that a compact sedan will be made using the next generation i10′s components at the Izmit plant in Turkey.

Mr. Ümit Karaarsalan speaking to Hurriyet Daily -

We will begin to produce new and bigger versions of the i10, which will be set between the i10 and i20. As part of the same platform we can easily produce a sedan, so as soon as we release the other model we will begin to work on sedan production.

The next generation i10, according to media reports, is premiering at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Hyundai India may not waste any time in introducing the replacement in India that will launch with a compact diesel engine displacing 1.1 liters.


So its no rocket science, we should also get it soon.

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i think their (Hyundai's) strategy is not let any customer go back empty hands from their showrooms. It looks like they was 2-2 overlappy products in each category so that one who visits their showroom for just an enquiry purpose, would surely get something within his/her budget.

Coverts every "Possbile Customer" into "Customer"!

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