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hi,i am planning to install an esteem engine into my 2001 zen mpfi (i think its better to mod it then sell it out cheap). i am planning for the following please guide:

1. esteem's 1.3mpfi 16v engine(probably its the g13b) and planning to run it on single carburattor as of now if carb is possible wit this engine.

2. if possible which locally available carb should i go for?

3. i will be keeping my zen gearbox

4. planing to use the zen's complete exhaust,cat n muffler it possible on the g13 engine?

5. planning for a carb because i herd its better- is that tru- or should i stick to mpfi- my aim is power and pickup. mileage is not a problem?

6 zen's starter motor it possible? aim is lots of wheel spins....what mods should i go for?? of suspension, is it possible to make the zen handle like a ford ikon/fiesta??..i can compromise on comfort.

9.finally i want a complete power steering unit...should i go for a zen carb/zen mpfi or esteem?

thank you



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hi every one. i got a 1.3 mpfi g13 engine for 25k with out the ecu. now if i buy the intake manifold and a carburattor from the 1.3carburettor g13 engine....its going to run rite?? please any1 let me know this.

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i bought the 1.3L 16 v g13 engine, without a ecu. its a euro 2 engine so probably my zen's(euro 2) should support tis engine...else i have to buy the ecu also. got it yesterday...n my friend/mechanic he opened the engine wat we found is that the bearing on the cam is damaged.

so guys can u help me on this that will the zen's cam work perfectly or i ll have to buy an esteems cam??

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hi, hope u guys dooing gud. well i did the swap wit slight mount mod n some mods to the gearbox area- so probably its not the gypsy engine dat i was suspecting it too be(but m still not 100% sure though), n test drove the car. its running ok. but the power and the pickup is very less...infact, i could do 1st n 2nd gear wheelspin on my g10 but this g13bb could hardly do it. i have the doubt on the following so need you guys help on this:

1. the ecu is zen's

2. the fuel pump is zen's

3.the exhaust too also the clutch,fly wheel n the pressure plate.

4. the engine rathles at high gear(probably in low rpm)

5.pickup is not jerks slightly during the rpm buildup

is all the zen parts making the car slow?? help!

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