2013 Honda MSX125

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Honda has unveiled its mini-bike, the MSX125. MSX stands for Mini Street Xtreme and it will be powered by a 4-stroke fuel injected 125cc engine mated to a 4-speed gearbox. But the essence behind MSX is that it is built for those who can’t get their feet down on other Honda motorcycles. Cue? The 12-inch wheels. It has a steel frame chassis and comes with monoshock suspension at the rear and inverted forks upfront. It also has hydraulic disc brakes and low profile tyres.

Honda says that the MSX125 is a fun motorcycle for beginners.

It' already on sale in Thailand but sadly it's not coming to India !!

If you ask me, I would have really preferred this bike coming to India as it creates a new category and something quite different from usual.

What's your opinion on it?

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This little monster will swallow entire oil rigs! I mean such low profile tyres & that too on a 125 cc machine! I wonder if this vehicle could even deliver 25kmpl+! Though looks awsome & with stiff chasis it'll also great handling! But in India, it'll still be a niche & people will always preffer pulsar 200 & 220 over it! (I'm sure they'll price it arround 80--90k)

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The last seen small sized bike in India was offered by Rajdoot.

It came with smaller scooter sized wheels & even a spare wheel on its side above its tilted exhaust.

I don't think there is much a scope for this bike in India but a CKD/CBU import by Honda might justify the handful of buyers of it.

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