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Hi and welcome to the forum. From your shorlisted options, you would probably get the lower variants. For a hassle free ownership experience I would say buy the Ritz. Its got a great petrol engine, very reliable and peace of mind from Maruti. It has also got a face lift recently

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Well, amongs your choises, Honda brio is the worst, as it's glass boot offers zero security to the rear passengers in term of rear collision! Hyundai I10 is good product, but it's aged & going to replaced soon! Chevy Beat is also a good vehicle, but it's ment for batchlers & your co-passengers at rear will curse you for lack of space! Though Ritz is a good product, it's very poor on VFM quotient with it's poor material & ride quality! I'ld suggest you Ford Figo, it's a brilliant product & offers great Value for Money!

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Here is a comparison

Honda Brio - a nice powerfull, responsive car with Honda bange on it, makes it different from others on the road, around 14 to 15 KMPL real world FE, however, the rear glassy door can be an issue if you pressed the break on a sudden and someone driving behind you just smashed into you.

Hyundai i10 - a plush interior and exterior wise car, Hyundai's everywhere available service network, a decent FE figures from 13 to 15 KMPL for Kappa2 and 14 to 16 KMPL for IRDE2 engines. however, every 3rd hatch on the road is i10 plus it is soon going to be facelifted and possible a diesel too. So you should wait if you want to buy i10.

Chervolet Beat - very nice fit and finish, stylish (sometime too much stylish as well), good interior space, however, boot space is not that much, 13 to 15 KMPL FE figures, however, the buying decision solely depends on someone's taste as not many people like the styling.

Maruti Ritz - MSIL reliability, after sales network, nice interior and space thanks to tall boy design, 14 to 15 KMPL real world FE figure, K series 1.2 engine which is very responsive and power sufficient even for highway cruising. However, the design of boot is not liked by too many people.

So choose wisely, as car buying is very special moment in someone's life.

Good luck.

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I am just looking for a car below 5 Lakh, can anybody suggest me which car is the best choice. I am from Delhi.

My options are Honda Brio, Hyundai i10, Chervolet Beat, Maruti Ritz.

Reply me soon...i am just waiting.

Fill the NEEDS template to give you exact fit car.

IMHO, for low mileage MoM, Wagon R is best and

for Handling or Fun to drive, AStar is best,

High Mileage, Beat D is best

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