Ownership Review: Toyota Prius


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Great shots.

You seem to have taken good care of the car and had it spick and span for the shoot.

Whats that in front of the left headlight , some sort of a proximity sensor.

Tell us more , what it drinks , its service schedule,what goes in and what comes out ,how well it is treating you , has it been driven around for a long haul.Any and ever detail, which is routine / normal to you but for us it will be as good as new.

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Ride---Prius is one of the best car of India to Drive. Its engine is very rev happy and great short pickup. 1st gear--- 40 kmph

2nd gear- 60 kmph. Ooh Its really a great car.

Comfort--- Prius is a very comfy car. There are plenty of features in its. When you go in Prius at about 100 kmh on Highways. It feels like sitting on an aeroplane.

Mileage---It gives a great average of 15 kmpl. And As everyone knows its a petrol car And its very refin

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