Toyota Recall for 2013: 907,000 Corollas and 385,000 Lexus IS Units

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new-toyota-recall-for-2013-907000-corollas-and-385000-lexus-is-units_1.jpgnew-toyota-recall-for-2013-907000-corollas-and-385000-lexus-is-units_3.jpgEarlier this week, we reported that Toyota had regained its No. One carmaker status, having recovered from natural disaster and massive recall campaigns. However, it seems that the company’s call back nightmare is not over, with Toyota announcing a new mammoth campaign of this kind. A total of 907,000 Toyota Corolla units will be recalled due an airbag issue, with these being followed by 385,000 Lexus IS units, which are facing a faulty wiper problem.

The majority of the aforementioned vehicles can be found in the US, where 752,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix belonging to the 2003 and 2004 model years units are affected. As for the US-located Lexus IS, we are dealing with 270,000 vehicles from the 2006-2012 MY.

Toyota tells us that the Corolla’s airbag control module for the supplemental restraint system may be affected by internal shorting, which could lead to the front airbags and maybe also the seat belt pretensioners to inadvertently deploy.

A Toyota spokesman explained that the company is aware of two US crashes connected to the Corolla’s air bag issue. As for the Lexus IS, the wiper arm nits may have not been tightened to the correct value. This can cause the wipers to fail if there’s a hefty mass of snow on the windshield.

Toyota has not offered a schedule for the recall yet, only saying that it will notify owners soon, with the information scheduled to be sent via first class mail.

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Do check and post your updates here Bornfree. Would be interesting to know a first hand account

Called up their Customer Care, the buggers didn't even have an iota of an idea about the whole thing! :o

I asked them to write down my contact details & get back to me as soon as the bell rings their ears!

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