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SCOOP: Honda to introduce new top end Brio. Will it be priced right?

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Honda is looking to introduce a new top end variant of its Brio hatch. It is expected to hit the roads in April this year. This new variant will be known as VX. As a hatch, the Brio makes a strong case for itself as a decent overall package, but has a few glaring omissions in its features list. The new variant will address these issues and include additional equipment like a rear de-fogger and driver seat height adjustment. A rear wiper however, will not be seen, as the Brio’s glass hatch lacks the provision to accommodate it.

Honda currently averages a modest 2,000 units for the Brio every month and the introduction of a new variant should only make things better for the manufacturer.

Last I asked the Brio V MT was at 7.1 lakhs onroad in Mumbai.. I wonder what price hike the VX will come with?

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7 lacs for a V variant is ridiculous for this size!!

Maybe add 30-50k on this for the VX.

Seriously goes into the Manza, Chevy Sail saloon, Dzire, i20 category... People still buy it!

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Honda and GM are two idiots when it comes to marketing. Either they will delay the launch when they can potentially do it or price it too high initially and kill it.

Honda killed the best hatch in India with its absurd pricing.

GM killed Spark with high price initially, launched MJD 5yrs later when they could have launched it before.

The upcoming Brio variant is not going to do any wonder. IMHO, they should launch Amaze soon and follow it up the same in Jazz.

A right priced Diesel Jazz could be the true competitor to Swift, nothing else.

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