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Hi friends i purchased mahindra thar ,my first drives were in city and felt the brakes were soft as if they were not bled properly how ever while pumping brake for second time the braking was good .when the speeds are Beyond 60kmph IT WAS SHOCKING THE JEEP DOESNT STOP , i had discussion with me fellow Thar owners about 6 of them in hyderabad all of them have same problem And advised me to read Article on another forum on improving Thar brakes ,Need to invest approx 60,000rupees to replace all the parts ,

Brakes are being safety aspect in the vehicle not only for driver passenger also for pedestrians

wish Mahindra should Recall and find a solution

i wish Autocar india should take up this issue please

( i feel mahindra to cut down costs had just done MIX & MATCH )

i have placed order for parts recomended as per forum


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Yes the Thar braking has shortcomings. I also heard that MM was replacing parts on the vehicles that had complaints. I would suggest you to get in touch with a couple of MM dealerships in your area or write to MM directly & see what they do.

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