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This looks either to be a Facelift Micra with cosmetic updates or this could also be the low-cost variant that's in the works.

Good catch this one for sure! I like the LED tail lamps, a first in its class if these come in the production version.

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Here are fresh pics of a facelift Micra and this has been caught in Pune

The spotted differences are:

  • New Headlamps: The headlamps get wacky and are inspired from Nissan Extrem concept which the company displayed at Sao Paulo Auto Show in October 2012. These headlamps are different from the Thailand facelifted Micra/March
  • New Grille: The front gets a new honeycomb grille which has appears to have a hidden ‘V’ chrome lines and the ‘Nissan’ logo sitting in the trench. This is similar to Thailand’s Micra facelift
  • New Front Bumper: Though not visible in the pics, but the front bumper, airdam and other bits appear to be carried over from the Thailand facelift.
  • Altered Rear: Moving to the back, the car has an extended opening hatch. This is seen for the first time.

Rest of the bits are right up from Thailand’s Micra. The rear opening hatch, keyhole and ‘Nissan’ logo all sit one under the other. The tail lamps and rear bumper are straight off the latest Micra/March facelift from Thailand.

Pics and Info source : Motorbash

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