Jaguar's 3-Series Rival - Coming soon EDIT: Spy shots added

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"We need to play in that world," said Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar's global brand director.

That World meaning C Class / A4 / 3 Series territory

It was in early 2011 reported that Jaguar was working on an compact sedan to rival the 3 / A4 & C Class

The upcoming Jaguar sedan is said to be built of lightweight aluminum construction or the PLA (Premium Lightweight Architecture)

As for the drivetrain, the Jaguar sports sedan will be rear-wheel-driven (RWD)

This junior Jaguar will be based on a new set of components that will also be scaleable enough to be used for the next-generation XF and XJ models. This will allow the company eventually to produce “90 per cent” of all production from one common components set.

It is rumored to be named as XS

Source: http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/jaguars-bmw-3-series-rival-edges-closer

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It was about time. Jaguar never had a C/3/ A4 competitor and this is great news. Even though the picture above may not be the actual product it looks beautiful. Once in India, it should come as a CKD right from day one. I can see the 2.2 diesel going into this for sure. I wonder what petrol option it will get. Hope to get more updates soon.

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There are some rumors stating that, Tata is devloping a new range of engines for the whole JLR range! Hope devloping a smaller petrol & diesel will be a part of that devlopement! & according to some rumors, it'll be launched by mid-2015!

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Remember how Jaguar had a nightmare with the last 3 Series-C Class rival, the X Type. They will have to bring something new to the palette and not just a shrunken XF sedan, this car has full potent to make Jaguar earn high volumes. Fingers crossed, Jag doesnt make any mistake this time.

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Jaguar’s much anticipated baby sedan will be named XE when it goes on sale in around twelve months time. The announcement was made at the Geneva motor show today. The car will sit underneath the XF in Jaguar's model line-up.

Images of the Jaguar XE's chassis appear to show a very short rear deck and steeply sloping rear windscreen. The result is shape that is much less of the conventional three-box saloon and something closer to a fastback.


At the front, the disguise doesn't hide the fact that the car also has a very low nose and low bonnet line, with the grille and headlamps sited a little closer to the ground than on rival compact premium saloons.

The XE will be the first car in its segment to use an aluminium monocoque and Jaguar says it is "set to be the most advanced, efficient and refined sports sedan in its class".

The XE has a particularly sophisticated aluminium suspension set-up, which is intended to help the XE out-handle the BMW 3-series and finally make Jaguar a contender in the mainstream premium car market by way of its driving dynamics.

The Jaguar XE is expected to evolve into a full line-up of body styles, including an estate, coupé and convertible. Jaguar is also tipped to be developing a crossover in tandem with the baby saloon, with the styling and capability focused more around on-road dynamics than any serious off-road capability. It is likely to be launched in 2016 or 2017.

Source: ACI (http://www.autocarin...s-374038.aspx/0)

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