Skoda Superb Facelift is getting ready!

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What you are seeing in this pics is the new facelifted Skoda Superb, which is expected to land on indian shores by end of this year! The car with light camouflaged were caught testing in europe!

After Octavia & Rapid, It is now the Skoda Superb’s turn to get the new family face & it's going to serve in both saloon and estate body styles! Externally, it appears that the lightly camouflaged test car features a new and wider waterfall-style grille (it's shown clearly in 2nd pic!) along with mildly revised headlamp and bumper designs at the front, and a different styling for the rear bumper and possibly, new tail lamp clusters as Skoda engineers covered the lights with faux decals. To talk about the interiors, one of the component maker has said that it is expected to remain the same except for new audio system, instrument panel and other electronic gadgetry that will be borrowed from the new Skoda Octavia.

While powertrain options are expected to continue with some minor tweaks, for European countries a new variant which offers the 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine with 4×4 system and DSG gearbox will be offered. The current Superb offers 4×4 system with the 2.0 litre TDI but it is available only with manual transmission.

Finally, Skoda is getting ready to lock it's horns with it's german rivals, will it succeed in retaining it's success story?

Do share your views about it!

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