2009 Tata Nano (Steam wash and interior cleaning)

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I've been using this car since July 2012 (all thanks to my boss! )and yes this is my company car- a 2009 Tata Nano LX.

Regular readers of the Autocar India magazine would recognize this one instantly!

Here's why..

This is the car that was one of the first Nano's to roll off the showrooms and we gave you a full dealership and buying experience when we bought it.

AND this is the car that was featured in numerous reviews, road test, long term tests in Autocar India.

YES! This is the car that did the epic trip from Singur to Sanad.

and Yes (If i am not wrong!) This is one of the very few Nano's that can proudly be called as "Made in Singur"!

One of my best experiences with this car was in December last year when I took the car for a routine service at Tata Motors' workshop in Worli Mumbai.

A young chap of around 20 was curiously checking out this golden nano. I saw him seeing the car for almost ten mins from various angles. Feeling suspicious, I went near him and seeing me, he raised a question, sir, is this your car? I said yes, Its a company car. But may I i know why do you ask?

He said yes, I remember this one, 4068. Its Autocar India's Nano! I remember this one very well. This is the one that made me take the happy decision of buying my first car and then he pointed out towards a yellow one that he had brought for servicing.

Hearing all this from him made me proud of the iconic little wonder that I get to use daily and also the publication I work for. This is just one story, I have come accross some more people who remember the cute 4068 very well. One of my colleagues who was part of the Singur to Sanand Drive also bought a similar Nano as a personal car and there are many more!

Will come up with more of my experiences with the Nano soon. Its indeed "Khushiyo ki Chaabi" for many Indians! and yes it has more features ( little things that matter) which are not available in the newer 800cc cars!

So today (17/2/2013) I took the car to Motoshines, Saki Naka for a steam wash and interior cleaning. Now let the pictures do the talking!

This is the place I went to get the car cleaned, Motoshines, Saki Naka, Mumbai

The car before cleaning treatment

The floor-mats getting cleaned

Interior gets a through vacuum done

Clean interior for sure

Steam wash process starts

and more steam wash

and some more

Ozone treatment starts, this is a treatment done to remove all foul odor from the interior of the car.

Total time for the Ozone treatment was 15 mins.

The tyres getting the "shine treatment"

Clean, real clean interiors and seats. The dash got a mild wax polish done too!

Ready to go!

Total time for this process, approx 45min to one hour. Approxmate cost: Rs 500 for both steam wash and interior treatment.

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This is a lovely thread. It was a pleasure reading your experiences with the little car. And yes by far this is the most famous Nano around. You gave her a Sunday Spa treatment she surely deserved. Hoping to see more regular updates from you in this thread.

On another note how do you rates services of Motoshines?

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Thanks for the appreciation :)

I would rate them 7 out of 10. Since this was a small job, I found them hurrying it up a bit at the end.

Would try and do a proper polishing work done with a bigger car in future and then give them proper ratings.

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Wow , a steam sauna for your car.This is completely new for me.

So they just blast steam on the car and it gets clean , so no actual water used instead for the one used for making steam.Will it work on muddy deposits, the offroading kind.

The ozone treatment dumps what (steam) inside the vehicle for how long.

500 IS A STEAL,how much it goes up by for a bigger vehicle.

As far as i know steam wash is usefull for the salt deposits , the kind in the coastal regions.

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This nano is well known indeed. Nice to see the kind of treatment. But what is so special about steam wash, w.r.t to say normal water wash or foam shampoo wash?

I have never heard about this ozone treatment before. Should be a very useful treatment as the interior odor is tough to remove.

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That's a great rejuvenation treatment for your car. I notice it to be much utilitarian than cosmetical, like it seems.

I'm planning such for my Swift Dzire also, specifically the Ozone treatment for its Interiors as more the plasticky interiors are, the more they tend to get smelly & unhygienic.

& Beige gets even more dirty, in no time.

Planning the same for my car also.

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