Pics & Report: Mercedes launches G63 AMG in India at Rs. 1.46 crore

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Mercedes today launched the G63 AMG in India. This replaces the G55 which made its debut in the country in 2010. The G63 will be imported as a CBU and priced at Rs. 1.46 cr Ex Showroom Mumbai. The G63 AMG is visually distinguished from their standard siblings by a two-slat grille, a deeper front bumper with larger air ducts, red brake callipers and unique 20-inch wheels. As with the outgoing G55 AMG, the G63 AMG also receives side mounted exhaust pipes that exit from underneath the rear doors on either side. The G63 AMG also comes with stop-start along with brake energy recuperation systems that contributes to better fuel economy.

Key points:

  • 5.5 liter V8 twin turbo engine.
  • & Speed G Tronic Automatic gearbox
  • 544 horsepower @5500 rpm
  • Torque 760 Nm @2000 rpm
  • The G63 goes from 0 to 100 kph in 5.4 secs and top speed is a restricted 210 kph

The G63 also gets an updated dashboard with some curves as opposed to the boxy interior layout of the predecessor G55. Other features include Mercedes hi-tech Distronic Plus radar controlled cruise control system, Blind Spot Assist and the parking aid Partktronic, which now incorporates a reversing camera. The standard ESP (electronic stability program) has also been revised and now includes Trailer Stability Assist and a hill hold function. All G-class models are assembled by Mercedes-Benz partner Magna Styr.


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It's muscular thing for sure! But it's owner will get disappointed when people on street will compare it with Bolero & Specio (Sumo with round headlights!) :D But really it's a awesome beast & I'ld love to have one in my garage! :wub:

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Looks mean as always. I dont understand why Merc doesnt launch the G350 Bluetec in India?

Or maybe they want us to buy the Gurka instead :P :P

+1 to that

also G350 V6 diesel will give an price advantage of atleast Rs 30-35L on ex showroom cost

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People fail to recognize the ample power it has under its hood.

They seriously think that its some another model of Sumo.

But, after watching the tri-star and the AMG badge, i hear just one word 'this is mercedes, are you serious?'

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Also , IMO this is the most pointless cars on sale in the Indian market today as it is doing nothing best i say this because this vehicle doesnt corner good due to the body on frame architecture & its height / ground clearance.

Nor is it a good off roader because it is running on road tires.

It is just a good car for a straight line (which too will get maxed out @ 210 km/hr)

So why not buy the Audi Q7 6.0 V12 TDi ? (When launched going to be just under 1 crore ex-showroom)

Will get to the same time to 100 , almost equally capable off road if not better max out @ 250 km/hr @ monstrous TORQUE i.e. 1000 NM

Wish i could put these two against each other & watch the Q7 demolish the non sensical MERC

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