Brand New Ferrari only for 8 lakhs! Tractor that is...

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Yes, you read it right, it's a brand new ferrari, which will be delivered to your home dirrectly from the showroom! But unlike your expectations, this one has only 26 HP & It's as good looking as any other ferrari! & another plus point is it's 4WD & and oscillating chassis system! & performs lot better than most of the SUV & literally can go anywhere!

Tractor manufacturer Escorts Ltd had inked a partnership with Italian company BCS S.p.A to distribute and sell the speciality Ferrari brand of tractors in India.

The first product being launched under the partnership is a 26 HP model that has all four equal sized wheels, an all-time 4-wheel drive suited for use in vineyards and orchards in India.

Initially to be available at selected dealerships in Maharashtra, the tractor, which comes with an introductory price of Rs 8 lakh, will soon be extended for sales across the country, Nikhil Nanda, Joint MD, Escorts said.

The company also launched a new product in the Farmtrac executive series of premium range tractors showcased in April last year.

According to Escorts, the share of lower HP (less than 35 HP) tractors in the country has started to shrink. The below HP range tractor accounted for 15% of the total market in 2011-12 but was going to be at 8% next year while share of the 50 HP and above tractors was expected to go up from 12% in 2-11-12 to 23%. Similarly there is a 10 times growth expected in the specialty tractor segment from around 5,000 units to 50,000 units in the same time.

Escorts will initially import the Ferrari tractors from Italy and market them through its distribution channels. “As volumes grow, we will take action to make the machines cost competitive and the level of engagement will change,” Nanda said, adding that assembling them locally could also be undertaken in the future.


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Will this go sideways?

It's a functional tractor designed for grape gardener farmers & why they need to go to the sideways? but with oscillating chassis system width of the tractor can be adjusted!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa...! Ferrari tractors. what are the colour options? Is it available in RED? Ferrari RED? :rolleyes:

Really, Ferrari red tractor will look awesome & Let's hope they will launch it soon!

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