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Not much scope for originality in car design?

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Automobile designers must be trying really, really hard to come up with something that's innovative, yet easy on the eye and feel. A lot of designs eventually end up being so familiar, you get a hint that there's not much left to tap. Here are a few examples- and I've kept the Chinese Copy Cars out of this list.


Hyundai i20


MG Rover MG3 (oh well, that company's finished)


New Renault Clio

Then these-


The current Mitsubishi Lancer


The current Audi A4

Makes it so much harder for an automobile designer, doesn't it? A fabricator friend of mine told me that if you take off the monograms from the car grills, any two cars would look the same.

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I agree with you, as anyone can recognize the copy of car design either in headlamps, tail-lamps etc etc.

But, some innovative designers are stepping up to stand out and shimmer

Hope to see some good designs and i am sure their hard work will pay off soon

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this is rightly observed perhaps the reason is also the fact that now days companies are hiring designer firms for their new designs....however, who knows might the same firm be design a rivals car as well.

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Hello all

Being a designer myself, and have been in the industry for a couple of years, the topic is of a great interest.

If a designer is given a free will, a lot of new designs can be seen. But they are headed by Engineers. :). Behind a car design, there are a milions of things to be considered. During these times of recession (which is playing a lot of hide than seek), many companies want to spend as little as possible in their new prodict development. Chassis/Design sharing is just so common nowadays. Many companies have their shares/stakes/collaborations with even the rival companies. Hence they tend to share the design too.

Designers would love to create extra ordinary and different designs. However, some designs may not be ready for production in terms of their acceptance in the real world.

I hope in the coming times things change and we get to see some really different looking designs. Hope!



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