Nissan Dealer woes

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Dear All,

I had purchased Sunny Diesal from Central Nissan Ahmedabad - After bargain, Both of us was agree in 9.11 L - on road, including extended warranty, RTO registration, insurance etc.

After 21 days, Dealer was not doing RTO registration. After my inquiry, they had told me to pay 4,000 Rs - Car price was 9.15 L.. GM/CEO had fired sales person.

Dealer had installed pirated entertainment system + GPS + Reverse camera in Sunny. After my complaints, Dealer had removed it.

During Frist service, Employees are calling me and offering me various service like Tyre sealant (Okayo), under body cover. I had told them that I am getting such things in half a price in city - I do not want to do. All employees had given their private number and told me that call us when ever you want - We will do it in half price at your location - not at Dealer's location.

I had done complaint - GM/CEO had fired all those guys - Is that right way!!!! But Is that ethical practice?

I had complaint to Nissan - But till today nothing was happen.

Do you think that Nissan should suspend such dealer? Do you think that Nissan should work on customer care policy?

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Oh boy

Almost everyone who you complaint againt has been fired already,what more do you want buddy.

True the staff is corrupt as reported by you but the dealership had valued your inputs and done what needed to be done.

Thats what they will want you to believe.

Here is my take on the matter:

Clearly the Management is in no control of its employees who are taking workshop business out in the open,replacing OEM stuff with cheap after market products , you could make this out may be because these were external elements , just think what could they have done with other car internals

Also the firing you are refering to ,may not have actually happened, they may be saying this to mellow you down , so that you become soft in your approach and dont persue this wrong doing aggressively.

You should aggressively ask Nissan to look into the matter and have them completely check your vehicle at another Nissan dealership/workshop to ascertain that the car is completely as it should be,free from alterations which you had not asked for.

If this is a dealership giving Nissan a lot of business then also be prepared for Nissan to sleep on your complaint.

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@sachinnshah: Is there still a delay in RTO registration? What was the response of GM/CEO of the dealer? Is he now helping in your RTO case?

if the answers to above are 'Yes' then I do not think you have any complaint further to say them. I think they are with you so be patience and give them little more time to get all your issues resolved.

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Till date I've read lots of complaints about dealerships & majority of them was from Gujrat, specially from Surat & Ahmedabad! What's wrong with this guys?

Gujarati peoples are too much calculative and knows value of money and they find all those loop holes like cheating by dealers corruption in GUJ. RTO etc... and other parts of india people doesnt take care to check such things they just go to dealer ask for quote and buy

also check my early post

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