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Hi all
Wishing u all Happy new yr and happy Pongal(TN festival)

Want ur suggestion for the Best car to Buy...
I currently own a Qualis, a SUV wud be a gud choice while upgrading  i think...
What are the options of SUV/Sedan type cars in the range
Rs 10-20lacs
i have driven qualis and scorpio...but i feel qualis has gud responsive the suggested car shud hav gud brakes and performance...
Diesel or Petrol not a major concern
from wat i saw
Sedan-Skoda Laura,camry,Eumbra,Civic...
pls suggest the best buy and also any other models i cud consider for the price range....

Awaiting ur response for the BEST BUY eagerly

Thanx in advance
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The pajero below the 20 Lac mark is an Outdated version right???


Will the CRV 4WD 2.4 wil be a good option???

SUV-Vitara,Tuscon,CRV('07 4WD) which is the better??any other better models available in this league of Suv's(below 20lacs)

I also have eyes on the Embera and Laura....

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honda civic is a good car.... if you are looking a car in that segment....

honda crv being petrol is not adviceable....


pajero though being outdated by shape has a good engine and gear box...


ford endavour is another suv in this range

also the nissan x-trail


you said you have seen laura too.... which model have you seen ambiente or l&k?
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My dad always prefers Toyota or Honda to other cars....

Toyota not bringin the fortuner is a big disappoinment!!!!smiley19.gif

So maybe Honda CRV wud be the best choice i think!!!!

Anyway wil look into the Nissan option!!!

there arent even few Tuscon cars i hav come across in Tamilnadu

But hav seen many CRV's!!!!

but i test drived both 8 months back..both were gud....

But i liked the CRV old luk better than the New one!!!
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Pajero old one is the only other true off road option. The only vehicle that keeps up with the Gurkha under serious off roading conditions to some extent. The Endeavour flops badly in extreme off road conditions. CRV is an excellent on road all weather option which has the excellent HONDA rep.

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Thanx to all for the Valuable suggestions!!!!smiley32.gif

Dad has narrowed to

the CRV 2.4l w/SunRoof 4WD or the CRV 2.0L 2WD

He travels to destinations 5-6 hrs far once or twice in a month..and other days just city or 2-3 hrs far locations occasionally...

how much do the two cost...

4WD w/Sunroof costs ard 18.5 lacs+Tax

dunno abt 2.0lt much does that cost??

is the 2.0lt a good option??

Thanx friends for all the valuable inputs!!!!

Ford endeavour/Pajero- Dad has said no...

Captiva has launched??

Dad is deciding to buy a vehicle within a month!!!!

Has the 2.0lt 2WD CRV available in market??
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Dad has made up his mind to SUV...smiley2.gif

Captiva i heard is gonna launch only during sept/oct...

but Dad is plannin to buy a car in few weeks...


Is the 2.0lt CRV out??how much is the cost??


which is a better option 2.0lt 2WD or 2.4lt 4WD ??

i hav given in my previous post abt the travellin habit of dad...


Thanx Buddies....
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well as far as the looks goes it's the same..... good nah.... no one will come to know if it's 2.0 or 2.4 ;)....... well if it's out or not .... it's best you check it with your local honda dealer..... probably book it cause you alsways expect some waiting when a new version is launch

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