suggestion for car 20lacs

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I dont prefer Tata/Mahindra makes...

The brake performance is high in Toyota/Honda?hyundai kinda iam inclined towards them...

Tata sumo had worst brakes...It was termed "Killer" Sumo as it had taken a large toll of lives...

also Mahindra Scorpio...the car used to lift on one side while turnin in corners..

so not into these makes..

Anyway thanx for ur suggestion friend...

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the CRV 2.0 is just good but for styling , i would prefer the new Grand Vitara from Suzuki , and this SUV  is directly imported from Japan through Shiping , Red ( marron color ) looks good on Vitara



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I was out of station...but dad had done a testdrive of Captiva and CRV2.0L

Both were good it seems....but he as usual preferred HONDA all the way!!!!

Though economically Captiva being diesel has an edge...The Quality of Honda wins Hands Down!!!!!


So have booked for the car...will get it in two weeks time....

Thanks guys for the advice...i had expected the toyota to launch the SUV....Anyway Honda is Honda...CRV a damn Superb car...but with a petrol option :-( .....


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i have booked MTsmiley4.gif 

Yeah the interiors are damn awesome!!!!!!!!!!!.....

The new engine 2.0L gives a little more on the mileage...

hoping to get ard 10km/l in city.....

No sign of diesel option for went ahead with this!!!!


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