Self-drive car rental in Bangalore: Zoom Cars


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Bangalore is all set to get a new car rental service with a unique format. American entrepreneurs Greg Moran and David Back have founded Zoom Cars, a membership-based, self-drive service that allows customers to hire cars on an hourly or daily basis.

The company’s seven-car fleet includes Ford Figos and Mahindra Scorpios that have all-India permits. Only manual transmission cars are on offer. Anyone with a valid Indian driving license or an International Driving Permit (IDP) can register online to avail of the service. The company has claimed that it’ll add BMWs and electric vehicles to its ranks soon.

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Looks quite promising. I sorely missed having my own vehicle whenever I am in

big cities like MUM, DEL, CHN, KOL or BLR. This fills a huge gap in the market.

The success depends upon only how good the management will be in keeping

the cars NOT in parking lots but in `engaged condition'. The tariffs are quite

reasonable considering that you would get total privacy as you can avoid having

a cab driver snooping on all your activities. I can't help recalling a recent incident

in Chennai where a jewellery dealer from Visakhapatnam was killed by a cab

driver (who comes very regularly for this dealer from the same cab agency) and

ran away with about 36 Lakhs worth of jewellery/diamonds. In another instance,

a couple (known to us) who had gone from Tirupati to Hyderabad for a marriage,

were robbed by the cab driver who took them to the marriage and to various

shopping places (the cab driver and two of his accomplices were later arrested,

no lives lost and most of the money/valuables recovered).

I wish these guys a lot of success and wish that they start this service in the

four metros at the earliest too.

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This surely will be a very helpful service! Whenever I visited the Himalayas, I dreamed of it! & anyways it'ld me more comfortable to board in volvo, train or a jet, reaching at your destination, hiring a self driven car, doing your jobs, leaving it back near railway station or Bus Stand & setting off to your home; than driving your car for hundreds of Km! This may also reduce the traffic considerably! Only one demand from this guys & that's a GPS!

Sounds good, Lets see when this comes to Mumbai

I actually saw a signboard of a cab company offering self driven cars at domestic terminals of airport around 2-3 months ago!

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