SCOOP! VW developing sub-four-metre Vento

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Volkswagen seems to be the latest in jumping onto the sub 4 meter bandwagon. VW has confirmed that it is developing a sub-four-metre Vento for the Indian market. “This is one possibility we are looking at,” said Ulrich Hackenberg, R&D chief at Volkswagen.

The sub-four-metre Vento will compete with the Honda Amaze and Maruti Swift Dzire and VW is hoping that the compact Vento will bring additional sales.

VW is unlikely to launch the compact Vento, which is being developed by VW India’s R&D team in Chakan, before 2014. VW's strategy is to try and maximise the Polo/Vento (PQ25) platform as much as possible by developing other body styles for segments where it is absent. A compact SUV and even an MPV based on the PQ25 platforms are also being considered.

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Strange to see the cars going the sub 4-metre Compact sedan job, which already measures quite close to 4-metre size or with few millimetres less, like Polo, i20, Verito(yes without boot it just measures 4m).

Where do they accomodate their external boot protrusions ? or they're just going to be a hatchback with sedan like opening tail-gate metal part !

Very unfair, specially when the excellent car body designs are being chopped out at 4m scale mark. Only bumper trimming for few mm's is acceptable, rest all is compromise on style part, atleast.

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... Very unfair ... compromise on style part ...

I am not worried if these `chopping jobs' are limited to only style.

These would be disastrous if such chopping jobs change the dynamics

and, thereby, impact the safety of a well-designed and proportionately-well-made car.

For saving a few thousands, the buyers should be aware of the compromises they

are making on such chopped-to-fit cars.

I do not approve any such chopped cars. A sub-4-mt car should be designed, ab initio,

as a sub-4-mt car. Only then, all the safety features and dynamics are taken care of at the

time of initial designing itself. Certainly not, as an after-thought.

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What happens if, God forbid, our law makers scratch their bald heads and come

up with something stupid and illogical rule like `all cars with big tyres will be taxed at 35%' ?

Will all SUVs/MUVs etc., go in for fitting `wagor-r size' tyres ?

By the way things are going in the market, it seems that the manufacturers will stoop down

to that level.

See what M&M Head said the other day. In order to fit in their cars into the new rules,

they may have to re-work on adjusting the ground clearance. I never expected such a

shocker from M&M.

Now only God can save the car buyers in the rules-bound-manufacturing-processes.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Its volkswagen turn now, after given discounts practically the whole year long to sell their products, to prepare for the impending SLOWDOWN

Personally : This is good way to bring in price cut without keeping the SALE/DISCOUNT board up the whole year round.

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Good move by VW, making the best of the lop-sided Govt. policies. The Policy has lead to churning out of some hideously designed cars. These kind of cars have limited future, so carmakers would not specifically design vehicles for this purpose. Cut & chop are the only options. No International market for such cut jobs, thus no exports.

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In my view following possibilities are there to accomodate a sub 4 meter sedan:

1. Introduction of Up and discontinuanceof Polo to accomodate this Up based sub4 meter sedan.

Viability: Less likely as Polo is a popular product around the world and doing good in India being a VW. So discontinuance of Polo is least likely on VW agenda and without doing it a sub 4

meter sedan can not be accomodated under VW bedge.

2. Introduction of Citigo and Discontinuance of Fabia to accomodate a citigo based sub 4 meter sedan.

Viability : Most likely to happen. Fabia is age old and not doing well in India. Itis also due for replacement. Citigo is more viable for india as the VW intentionally projecting Skoda as people

product and itself as premium product since launch of Polo/Vento.Introduction of Citigo and its sedan version will keep the product line in good shape. This also is in line with the present policy of VW to promote its own brand as premium and cutting skoda to its size by various tactics, we have seen recently.

What if VW chooses the option 1 ?

The result may prove good for VW as Indians always prefer a cut to size sedan over a proper sized hatchback. It will also accomodates entry of Up which will pave the way of VW to gain more market

share under VW bedge.

What if VW chooses the option 2 ?

It will bring good numbers to skoda bedge. It will also accomodate product and image revival for skoda which is not so popular due to its bad image of customer service and high cost of

service. At the same time VW will be able to maintain its premium postion by keeping the Polo alive.

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I wish atleast this big players (VW group, Ford, GM & Toyota) should maintain a safe distance from this CS buzz! As this may benefit them on sales chart, but can damage their product quality & brand value! But till now 2 of them made the mistake, I expect the remaining 2 should think on it seriously!

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