That's how a bull should look! Lamborghini Nitro - Tractor With Style! Coming to India soon?

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It's not very long that we seen Ferrari tractors coming to India & now Lamborghini is completing the circle, they are going towards their beginning! Any automotive enthusiast worth his burnt rubber knows the story of Lamborghini’s humble beginnings: Ferruccio started out building tractors, and only got into exotic sportscars to stick it to Enzo Ferrari. But even after the focus shifted, Lamborghini’s tractor-making division still soldiered on.

It's a month old story, but I forgot to share it with you guys! Last month, Lamborghini's tractor division unveiled the 2013 Nitro described as a stylish and powerful tractor.

Styling is certainly on the bottom of the list when buying a tractor but for the very few who want to look good while working, Lamborghini Trattori has come up with the Nitro. Giugiaro was in charge of designing this medium power tractor which features double LED taillights and a lowered contour hood.

The spacious and comfy interior cabin provides a 360-degree visibility thanks to the panoramic, convexly-mounted windows made from athermal glass. Power comes from four-cylinder Deutz Tier 4i engines connected to a fully mechanical five-gear system or a three-speed Powershift.

Stopping the tractor are independent oil-immersed disc brakes and a servo-assisted braking system. As standard, the Nitro has a Park Brake system while for more money it can be fitted with a Steering Double Displacement steering pump which will reduce the number of steering wheel turns for quicker maneuvers.

it’s a Lambo – even if Lamborghini Trattori has been part of agriculture-equipment giant SAME Deutz-Fahr since 1971. & I can bet this is the coolest tractor on the earth. & I'm ready forget about my engineering studies & start farming to drive this one!

Considering current drought situations, it's definitely going to launch in near by days! But one day, it'll surely come to the India, as revelry between Ferrari & Lamborghini is well known!


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After Ferrari tractor, how can Lambo be quiet and applaud the former! Their main business stream some six decades ago was making tractors as we all know, but still I would go for Ferrari tractor as for 8 Lakh INR, you get a Prancing Horse! No offence mod!

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Another prediction of mine is becoming true!

Just before 2 days, Mr. Bhanu Sharma, MD and CEO of SDF India said, “We are studying the market and may introduce some range of Lamborghini tractors in about a year. We have not decided on the models that would be introduced in India, so it will be difficult to comment on pricing.”

The interesting fact is that, SDF India already manufactures Lamborghini branded tractors at their Ranipet facility in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Sharma said, out of 6,000 tractors made in India last year, 800 carried the raging bull logo and were exported to Europe and Malaysia.

He also said that the tractors made in India are heavily localized. Components like the tires and battery are supplied by local vendors. Lamborghini tractors cost more than Rs. 10 lakhs in the export markets, but the level of localization should help SDF position it this side of Rs. 10 lakhs.

With the Lamborghini tractors, the company is targeting well off farmers, high profile individuals with farming interests, golf courses, cricket stadiums and luxury resorts.

This tug of war will be the most interesting thing after Lambo 350!

It's going to be really interesting to watch Indian farmers driving ferrari's & Lambo's!

Anyways I'm really happy; as Automobile industry is honoring the son of soil, who feeds the nation ,yet no one cares about him!

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