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The only considerable option in this segment is DSK Hyosung 250R, this bike will give you proper taste of a super bike, yet it's a cheaper on your pocket! But the service network is very limited, So I'ld suggest you to go segment down & try some cruises & sports bikes like RE Thunderbird 500, KTM Duke, Pulsar 200 NS & Honda CBR 250R! & if you want serious Super bikes, you can even get a year (or two) old Ducati or Harley!

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I think if you are looking for a sports bike starter then you should first start practicing with a 200 or 250 Cc one. In that respect I would say, pick Pulsur 200Ns, Duke 200, Honda 250R. Ninja 250.

Ride safely and wear helmet whenever you ride.

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there's nothing like beginer bike.... but what are u looking in ur bike....i would suggest u start with a bike in 100cc - 150cc segment and then over time upgrade to the higher segments like 200cc - 500cc and enjoy biking.

Plz guys I need ur help , I need to buy a bike in a budget upto 2.5 to 3 lc.

I am a beginner and have never rode a bike before so I need a gud beginners bike .

My height is 6.0 feet

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