SCOOP News: Maruti Ertiga CNG coming soon. Another winner from Maruti?

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And another one to the CNG gang. According to reliable sources, the company will announce and even start rolling out a greener variant of the Ertiga within 2-3 months.

India’s largest carmaker is aiming to sell nearly 1,000-1,500 units of the Ertiga CNG every month. Currently, it is sold in petrol (1.4-litre, 4-cylinder) and diesel (1.3-litre, 4-cylinder) variants, and the Ertiga MPV sells, on average, 5,000-6,000 units per month.

Ertiga sales have been filling in the vacuum caused by the dip in sales of other passenger cars from Maruti over the past year.The Ertiga currently faces the closest competition from the Mahindra Quanto and Renault Duster. However, the growing MPV/SUV segment lacks any CNG variant so far and Maruti is planning to tap into this space by making the Ertiga the first CNG-powered MPV in India.

Looks like Maruti has hit the bulls eye again. This one is sure to fly off the shelves with more and more CNG powered cars hitting the roads. Will be interesting to see the CNG tank placement on this one.

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Bang on product.

Consider this:

A car with enough space for 5 passengers as CNG tank may eat up 3rd row.(Eeco has it)

Runs on CNG. (Eeco has it)

Loaded with creature comforts. (Eeco doesn't have it).

Rides like a car. (Eeco doesn't).

Comes at a good price.

Comes from company like Maruti Suzuki.

What else is needed to have a perfect equation.

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Maruti sure knows knows how to tap the market perfectly. This is a another money spinner in the making. Only Maruti could have thought of this. I see many Ertigas being added to fleets and the private taxi operator like Tab and Easy Cabs. Eecos are already there so this will be a welcome addition

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