should I buy a 2012 model car from showroom

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I am planning to buy a new car and I have some options to buy a OCT 2012 model brio or OCT 2012 RITZ and there may be further 20K-30K discounts on these cars.

The query I have is

- is it a good idea to buy a car which is in showroom stockyard for 6-7 months?

- Since the engine has not run but engine oil is just sitting there, does it damage the engine in any way?

- Should the engine oil be changed while taking the delivery?

- What are the further precautions I should be taking for a 2012 model car

- In terms of car value, how much a car depreciates in 6-7 months time? For example brio V MT costs 6.65 L on road in BLR but the actual value of OCT 2012 model car is shown on car wale to be about 5.1 L only as the car has depreciated (not much resale value for a honda)

In such cases how to bargain more with the showroom.

Any other inputs would be really helpful.


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What is the exact discount they are offering you? It only makes sense to buy either of the cars above if the discount is substantial. Nothing would be wrong with a car standing in a stock yard but I would recommend you get the engine oil changed, check the brake discs for rust etc.

In addition to the discount do ask for more freebies and try if you can haggle them for free insurance as well. Do let us know how it goes

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The longer a vehicle sits in the stockyard its chances of becoming a donor increase significantly . This is a necessary evil when the dealers workshop and stockyard are closely located.

As previously mentioned above all lubricants should be changed as per schedule , so its would be a good idea to check the owner manual of the said vehicle and have everything changed,replaced in front of your own eyes ,no compromises there.

Also the discount ,without a doubt, should be huge, check trailing discount on the said vehicle and compound it with the depriciated value and you should come at a decent figure.

Also make sure you get extended warranty on this vehicle and ask them to give it free of cost.

Make sure you drive the car regularly after purchase and do not keep it as a trophy for occasional drives , this would expose other defects that the car may have acquired and give you an a good chance of getting it repaired free of cost under warranty , i say this because in households with more than one vehicle, a new one is generally covered in body cover and taken out at special occasions.

Use this as your only car until you are confident there is nothing wrong with it.

Happy shopping

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Totally agree with all the above replies.

Yes, you must ask for big discounts, ie. atleast Rs 60-70k if its a Ritz or Brio.

To be on the safe side, get oil changed as soon as you take delivery.

Ask for freebies and more freebies, and extended warranty as well.

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Thanks to all for their input.

I am deciding on the honda brio.

THis vehicle is april 2012 manufactured and came to the showroom around aug-oct ' 12.

I am getting insurance free but bumper to bumper insurance means I need to add 4k more.

A new honda brio VMT comes around 6.63L on road in Bangalore.

The dealer is giving around 60k off plus some accessories.

Considering depreciation of 20-25% for the car, the real value of the car may be around 5.1L as per carwale user car valuation with 0km driven.

As per the dealer, this is the last VMT he has and honda has stopped making VMT in 2013 as they concentrate on Amaze.

The sales guy showed a similar deal he made for 6.2L as his last brio 2012 VMT delivery.

I am not sure how much I need to pay for this car.

Around 6L for a 2012 car, when amaze is around the corner (add 1L more - on par with swift Desire cost) looks high.

Please let me know as I plan to close the deal soon.

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I booked a brio VMT 2012 model white color for 594500 in Bangalore.

It covers 0% depreciation insurance, PU seat covers, reverse parking sensors, teflon coating, floor mats, 3/4th year extended warranty and road side assistance, car cover, pillows and air freshner.

The car was received around oct 2012 but appears to be manufactured around July 2012.

The guy promised me that PDI will be done properly.

Do you think it is a good deal?

what checks do I need to do?

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Before Registration:

We recommend visiting the dealerships stockyard and checking your car prior to registration. Once it is registered in your name, there is little you can do. Check the car manufacturing month / year, especially when buying in the first quarter of any year.

If the odometer is disconnected, in all probability, the allocated car has been used as a test-drive vehicle. Also check for any repair jobs / body damage; damage to some cars is inevitable in transit and most repair work is glaringly obvious.

IMPORTANT : Check the tax calculations on the dealership invoice. Overcharging for RTO / octroi / lifetime taxes is a popular scam at many Indian dealerships. Pay only the actual charges due to the authorities and not a rupee more.


1. Confirm: the date of delivery with your dealership. It is best to go there only after the car has been prepared and is ready. If you have a preference for a particular day / time (for auspicious reasons), inform the sales person.

2. Daylight: We recommend accepting delivery in broad daylight, since the dark can conceal a lot. You may also not get good service in the evening since dealership personnel are in a hurry to wrap the day up.

3. Documentation: Ascertain that you carry any required documentation with you. This may include forms, receipts etc.

4. Payments: If any payment formalities are to be completed, carry along the relevant PDC’s / Cash / Credit Cards.

5. Third Person: It’s always a good idea to take a relative / friend along for suggestions, observations and comments.

6. Memories: Take a camera along.

7. Music: Carry a CD / cassette if your car is equipped with a stereo.

8. Gift: Take a token gift along for the sales guy.

At the Showroom:

1. Be Courteous: Don’t bully around. It’s a nice happy moment and the sales staff is as excited as you are. Treat them with respect, and you will get better service.

2. Get a Demo - Part of the salesperson's job is to acquaint you with your new car's features and how each one operates. Ask him to demonstrate the car fully, and top to bottom, in order to understand how everything works on the vehicle.

3. Visit the Service Department: We recommend meeting the service manager and getting familiar with the service center facilities.

Final Inspection:

1. Check the car again: A lot could have happened between the pre-registration inspection and today. It’s best to walk around the car and ascertain that the car is super clean! Look for any signs of repair work / damage such as paint difference, dents etc. Even the interiors should be squeaky clean.

2. Check that all lights and electric accessories are working fine.

3. Confirm that all the accessories you ordered are fitted on the car.

4. Check that the spare wheel is fresh. And that all related tools (spanner, jack etc.) are present. Are there wheel locks? If so, ensure that the lug key is there in the car.

5. Misc : Wipers, floor matting, first-aid kit & hazard sign.

6. What is the mileage on your car? It should not be more than a 100 km (or in the whereabouts) for most brands.

7. Ensure that there is enough fuel in the car. At least to get you to the nearest petrol pump.

8. Somehow, most new cars are delivered with over-inflated tyres by the showroom. Check the tyre pressure and make the necessary adjustments.

9. Tally your car's registration number on the R.C. Book, with the number plate. Dealers are known for their carelessness here.


Read the paperwork! Don't take anybody's word for anything. Make sure all the blanks in the contract are filled in.

1. Invoice. (Check that the Chassis and Engine number of the car matches with the Invoice and / or Challan).

2. Sales certificate.

3. All payment receipts.

4. Registration book or temporary certificate (Some States). Is your name spelt correctly? Are the car chassis / engine number matching with the actual?

5. Insurance: Ensure that coverage is valid and active.

6. Original PUC certificate. This is valid for one year.

7. Owners Manual.

8. Duplicate Keys.

9. Original warranty with all relevant dealership stamps.

10. Extended Warranty (If opted for).

11. Warranty of third party items such as battery, tyres etc.

12. Roadside assistance Contact details.

13. Business cards of dealership and service personnel.

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Ask for heavy discounts, as 2012 manufactured vehicle will be considered one year old regardless of the fact that either it is manufactured in November or December 2012.

Even, the discontinued vehicles can be found in the stockyard of the dealers and they just want to get rid of them.

The value of the car decreases day by day. So, be careful while buying such stuff and ask for heavy stuff and discount.

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