Noise due to cell phone interference.

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I have just upgraded speakers in my XUV500. In front its component and for rear its coaxial (both are of Digital Design) with an amp. 4 channel, 800watts (Bull). I am facing a problem from the day one, when ever i am about to receive or make a call there is a noise disturbance and when the call is in process the disturbance is gone. Same is the case when receiving and sending SMS. All the wiring and RC cables are of high quality and has been checked again by the concern person but the problem is still there. The noise is still there when the stereo is in Off mode and ignition switch is in on position (car is in running or in stationary position).

Kindly advise to solve this issue.



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A wild shot:

There is not much that you can do with the car here assuming, as you have specified,all connections are in their Pink Of Health,try changing your mobile phone, see if it happens with other mobile phones also, May be there is an increased level of interference with this particular mobile set that you own.

Have heard of this problem when the radio/tuner is ON but in your case it persists even when it is turned OFF , this is new.

Hoping your bluetooth does not automatically connect with the cars Audio system on entry , this could also be a potential cause of trouble, try de-registering your phone from the cars audio memory.

If nothing else works remove newer additions to the vehicle

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