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Yamaha Gladiator 125 to be back in ring

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When a great product like Yamaha Gladiator fails, it pinches your heart, equipped with superb light weight chassis which attacked corners like a pet dog attacking postman's ankle, had 11bhp under its belt (8bhp was the phenomena then) and looked one of the best 125cc bikes at that time (it still looks fresh nearly after 8 years of launch date) but sadly at that time, Yamaha didnt understood the consumer mindset and launched Gladiator at a price for 150cc, with fuel efficiency less then the segment and as Yamaha name was entrusted to enthusiats and not commuters, it flopped. Revival attempts were made by launching spruced up RS and SS variants which had a slight bump in power and featured a smashing engine belly cowl, but it was too late and brand Gladiator was dead, today Yamaha is outpacing every manufacturer in their respective segment except 100cc to 125cc displacement, it is the best time to bring Gladiator back to the ring.

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Gladiator is not just a 8yrs old product, its even older.

It was Fazer Gen1 first, whose headlights gave way for Gladiator. 10+ yrs in Indian Market is sure to bomb( Splendor an exception).

@Amish, whats the source of your news?

IIRC, Yami developing a Male friendly scooter based on Ray, plans to launch world's cheapest bike, then a 250cc bike.

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