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Hey, Hautie here. The Chevy Captiva's launch here is a good optn for a large, diesel-efficient SUV, but for its price, not offering a 4x4 model is really cheap trick.All SUVs in its price bracket offer at least a 4wd optn like the CRV, Endeavour, the Paj, and even the COMPARATIVELY  DOWNMARKET  SCORP, then why not captiva? One cant even go basic offroad with what is otherwise a brilliant mix of SUV and car. I did plan to exchange my Safari 4WD for this one, but i'll have to redo my decision.smiley19.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley19.gif


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Well its a cut price philosopy adopted by GM they will reduce the price by 50k if not performed well. I can understand what makes one feel without 4 WD after having one .But I say go for it if you are driving on road easy offroading can still be done.

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