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Indian Biking Marvels

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Time to get a bit nostalgic, Do we remember the Yezdis, Rajdoots, Bullets these used be the king of roads once in India years back, as after independence, there were only three players in the motorcycle market, Ideal Jawa, Royal Enfield and Escort, Jawa made the Yezdi, which was derived from Russian bike manufacturers and B.S.A and Norton made the Enfield, Escorts in collaboration with Yamaha build the Rajdoot or the iconic RD350, these bikes are true legends and one can still find them on roads, charging down with their thumping growl, one can even buy these for a measly 30 to 40 grand rupees, and also these are quite collectible, the bike segment just accounted for 23% of sales and were dominated by the Bajaj scooters, even though time has elapsed, but still these round eyed beasts are marvels in our hearts for ever. Dhuk Dhuk!

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