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Sprucing up the Car interiors: A Designer's perspective

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With lots of forum members here, hailing from different professions with different choices & different view points. So everybody will be having the tastes to upgrade & design the Interior of your own car, in reality not only imagination, which includes adjusting the tit-bit element of the stock interiors in your own way.

We would be even more lucky even if there's any Interior designer or architect here, which can truly amend the interior with more sense/logic behind it, may be even some color combinations.

Guys, come forward & share your thoughts about improving your daily rides.

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Good thread doc. Should make for an interesting discussion. Though I havent thought about as much, the first thing I would leave out is beige. I more a fan of all black with probably red to match. Got my thinking cap on. More to flow soon.

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Thought provoking and unique topic.

I've seen and owned many cars where the interior look just did not match up to the rest of the car with grey dash colour which is an absolute no.

My first take would also be black

Dashboard, Instrument panel, gear console - A matte black dashboard and gear console with leather wrapped gear and a simple glossy black gearknob. Rectangular AC vents with thin chrome surrounds note chrome and not silver paint which looks tacky. The drivers and center console can be lit up with a soothing white or blue backlights.

Seats - A combination of black and beige fabric, For indian conditions (read Very Hot most of the time), I prefer cloth seats rather than leather. However if leather then combination could be black seats with red piping

Doors - Again a combination of black and beige with chrome door opening levers (I have a partiality towards chrome door levers, dont know why)

Lighting - Mainly 3 lights within the cabin. At the front set of 2 left and right map lights, one more powerful central cabin light and a flexible reading light at the back.

Well, I put some thought into this but not too much. Hope to come up with better ideas. what about the rest of the folks?

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