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VW plans to bring SEAT to india

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SEAT, is a Spanish automobile manufacturer with its head office in Martorell, Spain. It was founded on May 9, 1950, by the Instituto Nacional de Industria(INI), a state-owned industrial holding company.

It is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group, as a member of the now-defunct Audi Brand Group, together with Audi and Lamborgini,and marketed as a car maker with a youthful sporty profile. Within the Volkswagen Group and under the Audi Brand Group, the SEAT brand itself has been developed as a group with subsidiary companies (SEAT Group) and 'SEAT, S.A.' as the parent company.

The headquarters of SEAT, S.A. are located at SEAT's industrial complex in Martorell near Barcelona, Spain. , over 16 million cars have been produced,with three-quarters of the annual production being exported to over seventy countries worldwide.

VW is planning to bring this spanish car company to india with its flagship model MII.or ALTEA











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The problem with VW cars is this. Most of the models are rebadged cars. Since it owns a number of brands and wants to become a number 1 brand amongst the automobile companies their main aim is to capture the market throughout the world. Project Eagle works to ensure that. We as customers get the same vehicles rebadged, renamed with minor tweaks to the front and rear bumper. As a result we get to see more of the same. Reduced visual variety is a major drawback. But by doing this they are able to command a premium on certain brands and make some other brands as value for money. Shared platforms and shared components reduce the price of manufacturing.

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