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Volkwagen Polo

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My Polo is lying for almost amonth in Workshop, which was taken to workshop for gear shifting problems. No signs of repairs . I am attching word file showing mail sent to Volkswagen costomer care. I recieved repply, but local dealer did not respond.


K A Sahakari

Copy of mail sent to VOlkswagen.

From: K. A. SAHAKARI & ASSOCIATES Consulting Engineers, Ponda, Goa []

Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 6:15 PM

To: NSCI R: Mumbai, Customer-Care



M/S Volkswagen Auto,


We own a Polo TDI Car having registration No GA 05 B 8087.

The car was having gear shifting problem. The problem was reported to your call center and your Call center arranged to tow the vehicle on 24/03/2013

Thereafter on 26/03/2013 person from Volkswagen Goa called and informed that the car needs to be kept for couple of days.

After that he was not picking up the phone. The other number of the Local Authorized Service Center was not working.

I called up your Call center, the person over the phone told the undersigned that he will get back in few hours but did not call back.

Again I called the call center, this time the call center person told me that he will give me the telephone number of the local service center within ten minute, but no response was received.

I personally visited the Authorized service center on 04/04/2013, they told me that they had ordered the part, but the part had not arrived.

I called on 12/04/2013 and again I received the same reply.

By going through the above matter you will agree with me that:

Volkswagen’s service is very poor.

I would rate Volkswagen as the worst car manufacturer, even the Indian car manufacturers are far better than Volkswagen.

I would advice friends not to buy Volkswagen car, and would never go for such a worse car and Car manufacturer.


For K. A. Sahakari & Associates

K. A. Sahakari (Mobile no 9420687232)



K. A. Sahakari & Associates,

F-21, Angaraki Building,

Ponda, Goa 403401

Tel 08322316824


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