Pics and Report: BMW launches the facelift 7 Series in India

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BMW seems to be on a roll. First it was the news of the Mini going CKD with the Countryman and today they launched the facelift 7 Series in India at an event in Mumbai. The facelift 7 Series will be sold in petrol and diesel in the following variants : 730ld (diesel) 740li,750li and 760li (petrol). An important thing to note here is that the 730ld diesel variant will now be assembled in India as a CKD. The other 3 petrol variants will be imported as CBUs.

The new car gets revised detailing on the nose, new fog lamps, a more upright kidney grille and the option of adaptive full-LED headlights. At the rear, it gets a thick chrome strip running across the bootlid. With regard to design, the carmaker hasn’t tampered much, the new model getting a better rear seat experience and added equipment.

On the inside, the front seats are now smaller, making for a better view ahead for rear seat passengers. It also gets more sound insulation to improve cabin experience. The rear seats also get 9.2-inch screens and a personal iDrive controller. New equipment comes in the form of new digital displays for the dials which change colour as one toggles between the different driving modes. There’s also the option for a 10.25-inch LCD display for the iDrive system and 3D navigation maps as well.

The 730Ld comes with a 258bhp, six cylinder, twin-turbo commonrail diesel engine mated to an eight-speed gearbox. It covers 0-100kph in 6.2 seconds. The new 7-series also comes with an optional BMW night vision package.

Prices for the 7 Series are as follows: (Ex Showroom all India)

730Ld : Rs. 92,90,000

740Li : Rs. 1,12,70,000

750Li: Rs. 1,29,10,000

760Li : Rs. 1,73,00,000

Deliveries for the new car begin 1st May 2013.

Here are all the pictures from the event:


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What a stunner , few weeks back there was a private screening of this in Rajasthan , a tv report showcased the product then.

Here are my observations

Why did they chose to showcase their base at the launch , most manufacturers would have gone for their top of line variants.Is it just because its it will be assembled in india , even then the price difference does not look huge considering its a CKD and the next higher varaint is within a stones throw for a vehicle of this class.What price would have this variants IMPORT come in at ?

What technology hides in the boot , the space on the left side is deeper than the right side of the opened boot.

@f30 does your bimmer have a similar looking boot.

The screens at the back look from the aftermarket , even the 5 Series has integrated screens to the headrest and have better housing for the same.This is a tad tacky.

The chrome strip on the boot and in the bumper looks nice

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I think the only reason to come on to upfront with lowest variant could be to put emphasis on CKD availability of Diesel variant.

I mean just to attract attention at these two bolds

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I can hardly call it a facelift , its really tough for even an enthusiast to point the difference . The and the sides look the same only the front headlamp have corona light details changed and a bit more chrome on the bumper perhaps . Also the difference between the awkward boot shape is because their is an option of chiller (fridge) for rear seat passengers thus occupying more space .

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