Audi races to No. 1 in India. Whats next for the German rivals?

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Audi has raced to No. 1 in the Indian market. BMW has been toppled from the number 1 spot. Mercedes is on the offensive with the GL and more importantly the A Class. The A Class is sure to bring in the numbers for Merc because the A is coming with a diesel too. Coming to BMW, they will be bringing in 1 Series this year.

Looks like its battle royale for the 3 German giants. Thought it might be interesting to have a discussion on this topic. Who do you think will come on tops at the end pf this year?

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So its finally happened. With Audi hot at BMW's heels for so long it was just a matter of time.

I expect it to be a closely fought contest all throughout the year and maybe...just maybe Audi might edge it by a bit this year.

I also expect Mercedes to be not far behind by any means thanks to their planned model offensive this year.

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Audi has done it! CONGO!

But, hey Merc and BMW are really getting hot as they have planned to launch their A-class, B-class diesel and 1 series entry segment cars in the Indian market.

They hope to get huge sales with these little baby beasts!

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