Reliability – (best and worst) engine manufacturers


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Reliability – best engine manufacturers

Car brand, percent errors (%) Risk of failure (1 of xx)

1) Honda 0.29% 1 of 344

2) Toyota 0.58% 1 of 171

3) Mercedes-Benz 0.84% 1 of 119

4) Volvo 0.90% 1 of 111

5) Jaguar 0.98% 1 of 103

6) Lexus 0.99% 1 of 101

7) Fiat 1.17% 1 of 85

8. Ford 1.25% 1 of 80

9) 1.32% Nissan 1 to 76

10) Land Rover 1.38% 1 of 72

Reliability – worst engine manufacturers:

Car brand, percent errors (%) Risk of failure (1 of xx)

1) MG Rover 7.88% 1 of 13

2) Audi 3.71% 1 of 27

3) Mini 2.51% 1 of 40

4) Saab 2.49% 1 of 40

5) Vauxhall (Opel) 2.46% 1 of 41

6) Peugeot 2.26% 1 of 44

7) BMW 2.20% 1 of 45

8. Renault 2.13% 1 of 46

9) Volkswagen 1.91% 1 of 52

10) Mitsubishi 1.70% 1 of 59


Posted by Somnath on February 18, 2013.


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Yes, this was indeed shocking , the INDIAN number one Audi and the number two BMW had the worst engines.

(Ranking Based on recent sales reports which Audi is not confirming but is internally celebrating.)

People have almost forgotten the reals gem Mercedes and Honda in India.

Good to see Merc preparing its India Assault with five new launches and Honda is not far behind with its India story.

Yes Honda and Toyota on top wasn't surprising , they are meant for those places the real scare is the ranking of Audi and BMW based on their India specific car sale ranking.

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There are some obvious good and bad engine manufacturers in the list.

However, i am surprised to see Nissan in top 10 and Renault in bottom 10 engine manufacturers since both of same essentially share same engines/platform.

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This is some really good to know information. Also tells a lot about the kind of quality the VW and its other brands like Audi and Skoda deliver. While they claim to be delivering best in terms of quality and technology, the numbers seem to be reading a different story altogether. They need to learn a lot from Honda and Toyota on how to make really reliable and dependable cars.

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Strange to see the TATA or Mahindra name missing in last 10 & Suzuki in Top 10 engine manufacturers.

But i'm really happy with the Ford engines in Top10 slot.

By Assuming the average running of upto 4 lakh kms of Honda engines before it needs an Overhaul, one can easily assume of what the ratings are all about in terms of Reliability.

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