Spy pic: VW CrossPolo testing. EDIT: Now launched. Would you buy one?

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Profit margins are something which we cannot speculate it depends upon the segment/model and manufacturer . Generally the higher the segment the more the profit but its is also said that Bugatti makes a loss selling Veryons :D

Why launch a plain jane looking Polo with unpainted bumpers when you are not even increasing the GC? And are charging more for not painting (a Porsche RS philosophy - if you know what I mean).

Seriously the Fabia Scout was better looking and a bit more exclusive atleast Skoda provided a projector headlamp :P .

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Profit maximising is a tricky subject, i am not sure if VW is trying to do that by not bringing 1.6L engine. Because they dont have too many brands currently in their portfolio, their entire concentration is trying to make each brand sell in decent nos. While Polo is an aspirational car, it is now in the market for sometime and though it doesn't look dated, it is not very fresh either. They are just trying to spice up with offerings like CrossPolo, till such time their other cars like Up, Golf, Taigun / Tiguan hit the Indian market.

But seriously CrossPolo has nothing strikingly different in terms of exteriors or performance, more like facelifts of MSIL This definitely doesnot even look like Pseudo SUV. .

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