Low spec W4 variant of the XUV500 launched

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XUV500 based W4 variant snapped at dealership


Almost same exterior looks as other W6, W8 variants. Projector headlamps, Cornering headlamps, LED Parking lamps & other minor finishing 'Cheetah'-inspired elements are retained. Only missing thing from front is fog lamps & these aren't much noticeable either considering the way they're positioned.


From side section, blackened B & C-pillars are omitted, but this isn't a big issue either considering this can be done aftermarket with few hundred rupees. Another differentiating detail from top-end W8 variant is wheel covers, but is same as mid W6 variant.

Coming to interiors;


Exactly Similar layout with same color materials used as in other variants.

Steering wheel is without Multi-function stereo controls & Cruise control.


Center console is having now altered top-part with smaller LCD screen featuring probably Digital Clock with some other minimal instrumentation.

AC is of now Manual type now.


Instrumentation is simpler & basic in W4 variant now, without Chrome highlighting accents.


Importantly, Rear windshield defogger & Rear wash-wipe features are retained.


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I think M&M have taken out more equipment than the 1 lakh lesser price indicates, ideally this variant should be 1.5 lakhs cheaper (not impressed). For VFM quotient IMO W8>W6>W4 but as for reliability and feel good factor W6>W8>W4.

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The XUV 500 is greatly undervalued. It is highly commendable that an Indian company can bring out such a contemporary car, which is way ahead than so many other models from growing markets (read Chinese). The true comparison of the XUV should be with the Scorpio to understand what a great leap Mahindra has taken.

The real issue is the build quality, as expectations of Indian buyers have gone up over the years. There's so much to choose from. The comparisons in ACI magazine do make sense, although the XUV500 falls in a class slightly above the Duster and clearly a lot more than the diminutive Ecosport, the client base is pretty much the same. Like me, I am thinking of buying a compact SUV and all these cars go through my mind before making a decision.

I think the W4 model is still more than adequately equipped to compete with the bare-bones Duster/Terrano. And the Ecopsort looks as if it still has to grow up. It will be quite interesting to see how the W4 version fares in the market.

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No doubt, XUV from sheer price v/s features perspective is an unbeatable combination.

But is it VFM, to me no.

Nowadays, VFM just doesn't mean low price. Indians expect a reliable, good quality product.

I think nobody has ever questioned pricing of Mahindra or Tata cars (except may be Aria) but their main menace has been inability to produce niggle free vehicle and a non performing customer care unit.

Whenever, Mahindra or Tata launches a new product, people are always concious of the fact that it will take them few iterations before the product gets stabilized.

They don't need to look too far, Maruti is a very good example to follow.

Their cars may be low on features, but pricing, being niggle free and a solid customer focus has helped them outperform others.

Just think, had XUV been a Maruti product, there would have been no need for introducing cut price variants.

None the less, lets see how this variant helps Mahindra.

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o be honest, XUV has already received lot of accolades for the overall package (styling, equipment etc) and not that under valued. Niggling issues have dented its image to some extent. Still there is no direct competition to XUV in the 11 to 15 lac segment, so it is selling reasonably well.

While looks are subjective, for some people it is over-styled and does not give that feeling of a premium product. There are other competent products in that price bracket like Aria, Skoda Yeti (a little higher), but are not selling for various reasons. I am not too sure if increase in price was the only factor behind slow down in XUV sale. There were price hikes on Scorpio and Bolero as well, but there nos are steady and rock solid as ever.

My point is XUV has not been able to create that strong niche for itself to keep selling consistently month after month like Scorpio, Bolero. One good competition vehicle, and it will start feeling the heat. So XUV might be the most matured product from M&M, but it still has some way to go before it can be called the best or class apart.

As far as equipment is concerned, generally for Indians it works this way 'Less electronics/features - Less problems'. Additional features do give a nice feeling, but when they dont work properly it creates more irritation. So the way to go really is world class Quality and after sales for all the Indian manufacturer.

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This is a well planned and thought about move by M&M to regain and lost turf from Duster. Prospective customers should look positively towards W4 variant now before looking to Duster/Terrano - as the XUV offers much more space, sitting capacity, power, style and feel of real SUV.

We should see a change in market sentiments post 2014 general election and perhaps we may also see a shift in economy and good times for Auto sector. If all these go well in line, M&M will see a great shift of their customer's interest in XUV from Scorpio and XUV could even become more promising product for them than Scorprio.

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Mahindra recalls select XUV500 for clutch replacement

Mahindra changed the clutch design of the XUV500 around February 2013. However, the XUV500s that rolled out of the production line with the revised clutch design began to experience issues. Mahindra promptly switched back to the older design, which was relatively trouble free

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