Government allows quadricycles to ply on city roads. Will they be better than autorickshaws?

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Government today allowed a new type of four-wheelers called 'quadricycles' to ply on roads as public transport within city limits.

Quadricycles are safer than the 3-wheeler as they have fully enclosed body structure with hard top and doors. But their maximum speed limit and engine capacity are lower than a that of a small car.

A meeting under the chairmanship of Road Secretary Vijay Chhibber was held today to discuss the issue of amendment to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) to include quadricycle as an additional category vehicle to be manufactured and registered in India.

"A separate category has been proposed for notification to include quadricyle with specifications adopting present norms notified in the 3-wheeler category of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) or theEuropean Union quadricycle, whichever is more stringent," a Road Ministry statement said.

The development is seen as good news for auto major Bajaj Auto which last year had unveiled the quadricycle codenamed RE60, which is powered by a 200 cc petrol engine with a top speed of 70 kilometre per hour (kmph) and with a mileage of 35 kilometre per litre (kmpl).

As an identification symbol "Q" will be prominently displayed on the body of these quadricyles.

Quadricycles will be recommended for registration under commercial transport category for intra-city movement within the municipal limits only and these vehicles will be permitted to be driven only by licensed driver after due registration.

Source: Econiomic Times

Read more on Quadricycle technology here: Quadricycle Technology

While these are much safer options than the current 3 wheelers, will it be just a matter of time before are streets are infested with these? Infact Tata Motors had been opposing this move for quite sometime now

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I think it is a welcome move from commuters' perspective as it will be a more closed door travel now on as compared to Auto, especially in winters and mansoon season.

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If this is Quadricycle, then what these are:

-Mahindra Gio cab.

-Tata Ace Magic.

-Tata Ace zip magic.

-Mahindra Maxximo passenger van.

All the above vehicles are derivatives of 3-wheelers, but as per their semi-soft top covered build they can't be considered as Vans or cars either.

still finding for an answer

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Here are more pics of the RE60. We now also have an interior pic. The gear lever is mounted on the dashboard and on either sides it carries lockable glove boxes. The steering wheel has the RE logo on the center. The light colored seats do not carry head rests and appear to be wafer thin. We can see loads at the front and rear mimicking passengers. It also carries basic seat belts and front wiper (which is a mandate for a quadricycle). If you look closely you can see a spare tyre on the left hand side

Still I feel its better than a 3 wheeler rickshaw

Source: Motorbash

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For starters it wont be cheap and i dont know how this frail structure save any one.

Thinking from a Autorikshaw operators point of view , he will be paying so much extra for just one seat.He earlier had an option to have two passengers sitting on his sides :-D

The maintenance could not be cheaper than that of an Autorishaw

Fares of the same will also be on a higher side.

I see it having the similar fate of a Nano.

In india safety always takes a back seat , tell me if Autorikshaws start coming with HARD TOPS and doors will it make them safer.How much would it cost to add two/three seatbelts at the back of an autorikshaw and one for the driver.Problem is who will wear them .

Waste of time and money.

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Can we use this vehicle to our personal use?

or bajaj have any idea to build a small car in RE60 platform..?!

I dont think it would be if we go by Govt. guidelines.

Also, Bajaj was planning a small car in direct competition to NANO with Nissan. Not sure what is happening on this part.

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