BMW testing 7 seater MPV. Would you buy one if it came to India?


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BMW is currently testing an MPV which is said to be a 7 seater. It is said to be based on the 1 Series so that does make it too big in size. Since the 1 Series is coming to India this year, there is no doubt that the MPV makes sense for our country. So would you be interested in buying one if it is sold here? What do you think would be the right price?


Pics source:

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It will sell if it is priced around 25L ex-showroom & has 7 seats :)

The production variant will be looking something like this;


^ BMW Active Tourer Concept, which debuted at the Paris last year.

This MPV will also be BMWs first Front Wheel Drive Car :P

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Hi guys!!!

Well, when i saw these spyshots above, i felt as if there was some difference between the cars in first set of pics posted by PrancingHorse and the second set of pics posted by PrancingHorse.

I felt as if those were spyshots of two different cars!!

So i googled it!! And this is what i found...







If you look at the pics closely it is not difficult to notice that these are two different cars and that they are not alike!!

For further reference i will address the car with white alloy wheels as Car 1 and the car with black alloy wheels as Car 2.

It can be easily noticed that Car 1 has a steeper rear window as compared to Car2.

Also the length between the rear wheel and rear bumper of Car 2 is shorter than that of Car 1.

I also think that Car 1 is a bit taller than Car 2.

Hence i think that Car 2 might be the GT version of BMW's 1 Series and it might be a 5 seater.

Where as Car 1 would be the 7 Seater which would also be based on the 1 Series.

From the front though, they do look alike!!


What are your thoughts on this?

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Are u sure that is a beemer cause the grill is not of BMW

Its a Beemer for sure.

The kidney grill you are talking about has been covered with a close mesh kind of a material.

As this is car is still in its development stages, BMW doesn't want us to know that it is their car which is being tested, hence the covers. :ph34r:

But then they were testing it at the Nürburgring!! So it was very obvious that they would get spotted!! :D

Well even i feel that. The car 2 may be a 1 series estate

Yeah!! Just hoping that BMW would bring both these cars to India!!!

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