Spy Shots: Facelift Duster testing in Spain

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These are spy shots of the facelift Dacia / Renault Duster testing in Spain. On the outside, the new Duster will get fresh headlights , grille and bumpers at front and at the back, a similar setup, with new rear lights and smaller changes to the rear bumper.

Inside, the dash of the new Duster will remain the same, without adopting the newer nav system of the Logan. But the instrument cluster will come out of the sedan. For the first time, the Duster will be fitted with cruise control.Of course we dont know if all this will eventually make it to the Indian model

The facelift Duster is supposed to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Motorshow in September


Source: Autoevolution

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It seems they have worked on front grill and rear side of the Duster without making much cosmetic changes.Renault should be very dynamic to learn and act fast according to Market trends since they are going to face tough competition from Eco-sport and upcoming Mini XUV.

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Renault for Indian market must add the spare wheel on the back and some more body cladding on the side to give it a macho-er look.

Even though me too being a fan of Rear mount Spare tyre, it actually is not good for a car.

Remember Old Safari, everone complaints of its tailgate rattle and bad handling, transferring the tail mounted spare to underbody made a huge difference.

My suggestion for the same is, keep the spare under the SUV as in Duster, but fix a dummy rear tyre cover(looking like erstwhile Safari)

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