Tata Vista D90 : A wrong choice in long terms?

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This is my first post here. If anything, I should be correcting, please lemme know.

I am going to buy my frist car;. The constraints are,

  1. A diesel, hatch back
  2. Cant invest too much or dont want too low
  3. Safety : 2 air bags & ABS
  4. Rear defogger (considering long journeys in early mornings)

i classified cars into 3 levels, based on its power and price, And I decided i will go for the middle level. I finally chose, Sail Uva, which 8.2 lakhs (on road - Bangalore). Specs/Price it was better than all other cars in its category. I was re analyzing my decision and stumbled on Vista D90, which i had kept at top level along with punto 90 hp and i20 and is priced lesser than Sail UVA. Its 8L for ZX, and 8.4L for ZX+. (Both prices for Tata are with extended warranty)

Hearing my choice(not even booked), my parents, friends all are treating me like I have committed some sin. Literally they are having a revolt against me. Most of them doesn't have any reasons, other than "its Tata". Some said about resale value, which I am not concerned. Because I don't think I will change my car in any near future. Also, you can ever buy a maruti if considering resale value.

Now, Some others said about the condition of car after some years or few 10K kms. Is it true? Does it starts to fail on various elements? Will it have rattling sounds, swinging parts, failing mechanics etc...?

I am not concerned about the brand, design, interior feel (which actually I liked in case of d90) etc... But I am concerned about the reliability since, I am going it to use it for a long time, really long time, and will have long journeys, Bangalore - Malappuram Kerala

Please friends, need your advice so badly.

Thank & Regards

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Tata D90 might look as a VFM proposition but there are just too many issues with the brand.

If i were you in the market for a 90bhp option i would go in for the Punto , the built is like an armoured tank, surely last you for ages,drive both and you will feel the difference yourself.

Considering a whole new lineup of Fiat cars is expected in early next year the discounts will be even bigger than what they are currently on the Punto.

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On specs (features & power) ritz is behind d90. Punta is 1.5L more than d90. Last time I checked there was no discounts. I will further check its price again this saturday and post it here.

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If you have a budget of upto 8lacs, I would suggest that you try out the Swift ZDi. It comes loaded with all the bells and whistles and you would never have a problem with the reliability part, even while you are travelling out on the highway. The car is well built and has a heavy duty suspension setup which would last for ages. The flip is that the ride is on a harder side but that too inspires confidence on speedy highway drives.The build quality is also good and the interiors are pretty modern & welcoming. The automatic climate control works well in bringing respite during hot summers. Swift Diesels' also have a fairly good resale value too. And most importantly, your family wouldn't complaint about the brand image.

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To me..your priority of safety, you have budget of fixed size (that is also not small), highway driving comfort - are the needs for you.

Seeing the options above which you have mentioned. Following are my observations.

Vista D90 - A powerful hatch...efficient Fiat engine along with gearbox too sourced from Fiat. Fitted with your safety priorities. FE would be close to 20 KMPL in highway/city both scenario. However, the problems with TATA are - small niggle & issue crop up which some time spoil the taste of owning a new car, service centres with good quality job are very less though TATA has good service network, Resale of TATA car is any day lesser than Maturi.

Apart from that these above, I dont think there is a big issue in owning a D90.

Ritz/Swift Zdi - these both will be fitted with all safety features which you have mentioned at top of your post. However, Ritz will be an atleast 50K cheaper than Swift and also Ritz has better practical space than Swift. On Highway drives, it is the swift which score the upper hand on Ritz. Maruti A.S.S is well known. As far as fit and finish is concerned...these are well fitted and both comes with same Fiat engine but gearbox is of Suzuki.

Punto 90 - this is a gem of a car...tank like build. You need to sit inside this car and drive a bit and you will understand how the quality is...it is the Brand FIAT which is spoiling its sales chart, had the Punto been in Maruti's kit...the story would have been altogether different.

However, Punto has same niggle and issues of quality fitments like TATA. It is very recent that FIAT has separated their ways from TATA for A.S.S so the after sales improvements will take time. But so far if you compare A.S.S of Fiat & TATA....I would still give TATA +1 over Fiat.

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But I am concerned about the reliability since, I am going it to use it for a long time, really long time, and will have long journeys,

For Reliability, it has to have Fiat engine

For Long Journey, it has to be a Maruti

For Using it longer, it has to be a New & Successful model,

That leaves you with one & only choice of Swift. With Swift selling 25,000 units every month, it will remain in market for another 5-8yrs, so spares won't be a problem for next 20yrs. The same can't be said about any other car in India as of today.

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Agree with Bala.

With a budget around 8 lacs, the Swift would be the choice of wheels.. for sure. Although you may also check out the i20 if it suits your tastes and are okay with a softer suspension setup.

Adding to your requirements, not just a defogger, but a rear wiper is also very important.

For Tata, personally, I'd stay away from it. My bro-in-law has a Vista and I've seen him call the tata service guys once a month for some or the other reason.. that when the car is just 17k kms old.

I have a Swift 2008 and have never called up the Maruti guys other than for a service appointment at regular intervals.

And btw, the Swift diesel at 75 bhp outperforms the D90 in a drag race [:)]

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