50k Car Service Checklist

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Hello guys,

My Swift is getting kinda old now.. already done 63k kms by now.

Its going to be time soon for my next service schedule in about a 1000 odd kms and I wanted to know what all should be maintained as a checklist for a car that is this old.

Following is the list I have:

  1. Spark plug replacement
  2. Engine Oil (part of any regular service) - but should I switch to synthetic?
  3. Brake oil flush and change
  4. Calipers and drum check
  5. Gear oil flush and change
  6. Fuel filter change (does this apply to a petrol car?)
  7. Air filter change
  8. Coolant flush and change (from reservoir and radiator)
  9. Timing belt change? I've heard they wear out cuz of the heat in around 4-5 yrs and should be replaced..
  10. Accessory drive belt.. same like above - 100k or 5 yrs whichever comes first.

Apart from this, I've had my suspension changed at 40k under warranty.. the guy at the service station was kind enough to help me avail the benefits of my extended warranty ;) so thats pretty new.

I'm yet to check what all got done in my last service of 50k.. trying to find the bill..

But, given that the car has done quite a few kms by now, is this list good? Am I missing anything?

Also, what kinda service schedule should be maintained here on? Is 10k a good interval or should it be taken more frequently for its age?

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Your list is quite comprehensive. Yes get the fuel filter changed if you havent already. You can change to synthetic oil. I just did the same on my Honda City. You can easily feel the difference and then you car is good for 10,000 kms till the next oil change. Do get the timing belt changed as well. Check your brake pads for wear and I would advice a full brake service if you havent already.

I guess that about sums it up. Do post your report in an ownership thread

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Thanks prancing horse.. I will get the brakes checked for sure.

F30, yes I'm already on new tires.. Changed to Apollo acceleres about 8k kms ago.

Will rethink on changing to synthetic though.. Significant cost involved there.

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Change your fuel filter if not done before. You can also go for injector and throttle body cleaning. Rest I guess you have got it covered. Do try to switch to synthetic oil as Prancing Horse suggested.

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Thanks SB. I'd done the injector cleaning in my last service already.

Will surely get the timing belt and fluids changed for sure this time.

Will also ask about a full brake service.

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Hey guys.. got my car serviced spot on at 10k kms this time..

One thing I've observed is that the maruti service folks advise too many things to get done when you take your car for a service.

Now, I'd not complain about the AC servicing they suggested cuz I really required one. The cooling is amazing now. This cost me 3.5 k though.

Now, the consumables - engine oil, gear oil, coolant in all cost me a whopping 4k and brake servicing + Engine de-carbonizing + Engine to exhaust de-carbonizing etc took another 2.5 k

Now I don't mind doing all this since I love my car a lot but the issue is that this kinda list is always ready with the service advisers which is sure to give you an estimate of close to 10k every time you take your car for a service. This shouldn't be the case for every paid service. I agree a car which is 50k kms + on Indian roads is sure to ask for maintenance - but probably not at this price. Please tell me if I'm expecting too less amounts here..

With so much money spent, the car sure runs way much smoother now. But the fact remains that one of my friends has a Santro which he got serviced at 65k kms and his service bill was just 2800 including all consumables. His AC hasn't been asked to be serviced in all the 7 yrs he had his car and its still doing too well. The brakes never have had any issues so far.

Gets me thinking if I'm overkilling the topic here and maybe leave it at that saying its a hyundai and a maruti and that too a Santro vs. a Swift?

Even a 11k service bill means less than Rs. 900 a month towards maintenance. That seems a little high doesn't it?

Nevertheless, I did not have to change the timing belt, nor the drive belt. Spark plugs were changed during the 36k (thats pretty soon) so thats okay. Brake pads are still too good. Not worn out that much for a change. The SA told me it'll be due during the next service.

The batteries are about to die. They lasted 65k kms and I think they've overdone their life. Will get that changed soon. Had almost created a traffic jam when my car ceased to start in the middle of traffic! The SA had warned me of this though.

All good so far. Just some doubts about the service stations' (mal??)practices

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