IDEAators needed for upcoming Tata cars

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Mr. Slym recently ran a contest through his Twitter handle @KarlSylm, asking fellow users what they expect the ‘Next Tata Car’ to be. He promised to invite the people with top ideas for a discussion and today he has the shortlist!

The Managing Director of Tata Motors has identified 8 Twitter users as “top ideaters” who will be given an opportunity to put forth their ideas in front of the man himself. Sometimes, getting the inputs directly from the prospective customers and brand loyalists is way better than getting them from your dedicated team of market analyst


I request ACI to take forward this thread to Tata's attention( being Numero Uno magazine in India, this should never be a big task)

My Views on What Tata needs,

1. Get rid of that x-Mas tree tails first, it went out of style a decade ago.

2. Raised bonnet as in Safari gives manly look, whereas sloppy bonnet as in Indica looks outdated.

3. Design a Hatch in Beat-WagonR segment that should be as radical as Beat & as practical as Wagon R.

4. Make use of the 1L 3 Potter diesel showcased earlier into mini hatchback.

5. If possible, create a bi-turbo on upcoming Nano D's engine and plonk it into WagonR competitor.

6. An Ertiga rival on Manza's platform

7. A 4m Manza platform churning out MPV, CS, mini SUV

8. A premium, Mini Clubman like Long Hatch(4M) with reclining rear seats and an SUV derivative.

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You have started a nice topic for discussion. As a Tata Motors well wisher, I wish instead of exteriors / design or some technological changes Tata Motors should work on the niggles and should works towards improving overall ownership experience which is seen by the buyer of Toyota / VW / Honda.

Interior space, features and reasonable pricing of all Tata Motors vehicles is it's USP but as against that driving experience, niggles, fit and finish etc... is taking away the goodness of it's vehicles.

Other problem that is observed is wrong positioning especially of Manza and Aria.

Aria was the perfect vehicle designed to fight with Innova when launched but higher pricing made customers to re-think to opt for Innova instead of Arai.

Same is the case of Manza. Manza could be the best sedan if it is rightly priced may be with minimal / basic features but tata Motors went on offering more features by asking more price instead of offering a good capable , reliable sedan with reasonable price.

Since the launch of Indica it is observed that Tata Motors have not put a " perfect product " since it is launched which is not in case of global brands such as Toyota / Honda / VW / Hyundai etc.. and also now it is also in the case of Mahindra.

Only after introduction of Version I / Version II some improvements are observed but by that time image of the Brand is already put on stake which is costing may be some 100s of crores loss to the company as a whole.

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regarding niggles, Manza, Aria, Safari, Sumo are some of the Tata products that are as niggle free as competitor.

For volume, they need a VFM yet stylish offering in sub 6L segment, somewhat like a 1L Diesel Pixel to target youngsters and newly married, Tata has none in this segment.

They have no product to compete against any best seller, none in Alto, Swift, WagonR sements

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My biggest problem is with the Company logo.They need to make it more in tune with the times .

Your passenger cars have ugly backs and the same lines have been carried over on all of their products which is certainly Tata Motor design engineers running out of imagination.

Mr Slym fire a few from your design team and that would make the rest fall in line.

Your Manza is a great product , have its rear redesigned. (change the Back to match the front or change the front to match the back) right now they look from two different cars

For Aria have an AT version of the same , the rear redesigning is badly needed here too .

LED light treatment is the way forward , you have recently acquired global brand take a few designing clies from them atleast.

You have slept all this while , your Tata Safari Storme, arrived 5 years late and has bombed.Why did you not work on a MUV for so long , the world around you have grown multiple folds while you shrink , if you cannot innovate try learning from what others are doing.

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Force FIAT to make a 1.2L TJet for you soon. Tata has a good lineup for Diesel engines, now when Petrol price & diesel price gets leveraged, you need to have an excellent petrol engine too.

Think of it again, MSIL has K-series, Honda has VTEC, now Ford got Ecoboost, now say what you got? nothing.

Also be ready with your 1L 3 potter D soon.

Try to design your new car with dash gear lever, so that the front row could accommodate occasional 3rd passenger in front row.

For rear seat, come out with something like Yeti's back row.

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I think the redesign of rear styling of ARIA, SUMO, MANZA and Vista too should be the first step.

Second, Make a MANZA CS ASAP. May you are loosing the market...see how quick Honda is to introduce AMAZE and M&M with Verito Vibe. Why to loose money to competitors?

Then, introduce a hatch in Wagon-R segment and if possible bring in 1L Diesel.

Get rid of INDICA/INDIGO tag from Vista/Manza. They make more sense if you call them just Vista OR Manza.

Do not allow sell of Manza, Vista, in TAXI segment. Instead you have Indica eV2 and Indigo eCS for this.

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Hearing some good news at last :

Tata Motors is developing a joint utility platform in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover as well as a compact sports utility vehicle that may compete with Renault Duster.

- Karl Slym

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Here's my wishlist-

  1. Safety is of paramount importance- make sure every single car passes the Euro-NCAP or ANCAP tests.
  2. Improve the build quality across the product range. Prices may have to go up, or features may have to be dropped, but that's not an issue. Tata cars will still give more value for money.
  3. Driving dynamics need to improve. A budget buggy like the Dacia Duster with a Renault badge sells well even at a premium because of its superior driving dynamics. While it's good to see something to compete with it, the vehicle can truly compete only when it can ride as well.
  4. The Indica/Indigo/Vista/Manza, or at least the Vista/Manza, need a re-styling. They need to move away from their bread/eggs styling to something more dynamic. Cues may be picked up from some of the best-selling hatchbacks and sedans worldwide, since plenty of automotive designs look similar.
  5. Launch a C-segment hatchback. Tata has the money power and a decent market share to get one in.
  6. Build a compact SUV (5-seater) based on the Sumo, preferably with a cabrio option.
  7. Build a Manza-based crossover station wagon.

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