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honda dio

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It is a kind of fancy looking nice scooter aimed at youth segment of the market. Honda as recently upgraded its engine ad introduced HET technology with which they claim to have increased FE by 10% over the previous generation Dio.

The mileage is around 55 KMPL. However it is a littler on the north side of price tally. Instead if you are looking to buy one, you should look for

  1. Ray Zx from YAMAHA. It is priced around 53K mileage is again 55KMPL and a very refreshing looks.
  2. TVS Wego, this is a very reliable product, with a price around 47K. It is a pracitical choice with a mileage between 55 to 60 KMPL

From resale point of view, Dio and Wego would be able to give you almost similar price on resale if you would have maintained well.

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As SStar said, I too vote for Ray or RayZ

The ancient front suspension in Dio is sure to break your back if your area roads are you are left with the other 2 only.

RayZ- a near perfect scooter with awesome handling & ride, super peppy, good FE, stylish, light weight and the goodness goes on. It's only con is all plastic body. Since you are liking Dio, RayZ being a plastic is out of worry, so buy it.

Wego comes next, its only con is its sober styling, other than that, it is the second best scooter in India.

For long lasting & stylish scooter, Vespa is the answer. Its a Jack of all trade and master of none. Slightly priced above competition, but worth its price. Its only con is poor braking, so if you are an above avg. sped rider, keep aside.

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i would like to know whether honda dio (the relaunched version) is worth buying for budget of 55k what is its mileage, engine,service, resale value ?

Don't prefer TVS.coz the life of engine is short.I own wego & scooty pep+. Scooty pep+ just lost engine bearing after proper care & regular oil change. The average given is not that much good.The showroom people told me that scooty pep+ will give you 60 if you ride gently. But I got merely 40.

Instead prefer Yamaha or Honda or Hero.As Hero & Honda have same engine (somewhat) & claim the same average. "60".

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