Spy pics: Facelift 2013 Mercedes E Class spotted in India. EDIT: Launching 25 June


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The facelift 2014 Mercedes E Class has been spotted on Pune streets. It is also said in the source that the ARAI has given the homologation certificate that means that the car can be launched in India. The car seen in the pictures is the E250 CDI so that could be the first model to launch. The car also seems to be the Avantgarde since the three pointed star is on the grille.

Could the launch be around the corner? The word is that June 25th is said to be the launch date. Mercedes anyways has planned an onslaught of new models this year

Here are the pics


Source: Team BHP

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In my trip to the Mercedes-Benz museum and customer centre/factory tour in Stuttgart, I have seen plenty of these new E-class cars. I'll upload a few images if anyone wants, so this is the new E-class, and I have to say, I like the look of this car. In fact, I like the look of most of Mercedes' current cars, with the exception of those with the triangular headlamps, and the puffy B-class.

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The New Mercedes E-Class is all set to launch in the last week of June. Everything from the dashboard to the front spoiler lip are going to enthrall everyone. The interiors are completely changed and look fantastic.

It is expected to be offered in the Petrol and Diesel variants and there will mostly be a variety of alloy options.







Any comments?...

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Now Launched:

The petrol is priced at ₹ 41.50 lakh while the more efficient and torquey diesel carries a price tag of ₹ 44.48 lakh, both ex-showroom in Delhi. Both versions are available in just the top-of-the-line Avantgarde trim

Mercedes has also launched a limited-edition version of the E 250 CDI for ₹ 49.90 lakh, of which only 100 units will be available.

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How come they have launched only the 250 and 250 cdi. Where are the 350 V6 models?

I know that the top end petrols like the E350 don't contribute much to the overall sales but they provide bragging rights

I mean c'mon, The 328i is more powerful than this and sois volvo's s60 T6

I guess we'll just have to wait for the exxpensive AMG model to satisfy our performance cravings

Unless they release the stunning new E550 coupe that is....

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