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Is this RX100 a worthy buy?

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As a proud owner of the Yamaha RX100, I can safely say it is the best performance bikes to have ever hit Indian roads. It still can accelerate faster than many 180 cc bikes in sale now. It is a joy to ride and has an addictive exhaust note. It is pretty easy to maintain too, provided you get the right mechanic to service the RX and you oil the engine well.

Coming to the pricing, since early RX100's had a Japanese motor, before moving to Escort motor, just ask if it is a Japanese engine. If it is so and in pristine condition, then I think it is even more worth every penny. The Escorts motor is still better than many engines around, but the Japanese motor will be even more long lasting and you will be lucky.

I think any RX100 in good condition under 40,000 rupees is worth it. But I would not mind if you bargain even more and save money for the bike's modification.

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OK then do me another favour.

Do let me know if any of you got to know a decent RX 100 whose Reg.No total is 7. since I am born on 16, I mak sure all my vehicles bear 16 as total no. If not 16 even 7 can be accepted.

My bike is 5335, our Spark is 2284, so I will get my new bike also similar.

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